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=== Maintenance
* 2 deprecations
* deprecated ExampleMethods#implementation_backtrace - use ExampleMethods#backtrace instead
* deprecated ExampleGroupMethods#example_group_backtrace - use ExampleGroupMethods#backtrace instead
* 6 major enhancements
* it { should matcher } - support for implicit receiver of #should (Joe Ferris of thoughtbot)
* subject { ... } - works in conjunction with implicit receiver of #should
* wrap_expectation (for wrapping multiple expectations and/or t/u assertions)
* added array.should =~ [1,2,3] # passes if array contains exactly the same elements in any order (Jeff Dean and Pat Maddox)
* hash_including mock argument matcher can now accept just keys, key/value pairs, or both (David Krmpotic)
* added hash_not_including mock argument matcher (David Krmpotic). Closes #634.
* 6 minor enhancements
* should throw_symbol accepts an optional argument: should throw_symbol(:sym, arg)
* fixed --line for jruby (Zach Moazeni)
* assorted small changes to support Ruby 1.9 (got a way to go)
* removed all instances of class << self - I do know who I am
* SpecParser can't handle backtrace paths with colons (John-Mason P. Shackelford). Closes #505.
* html formatter (and subsequently the textmate formatter) header fills in completely when running a single example
* 8 bug fixes
* fixed bug where {:a => 1, :b => 2}.should include(:a, :b) failed (Yossef Mendelssohn)
* only try to load Test::Unit if Test::Unit is defined (not just Test)
* Allow stubs on parent and child classes simultaneously (Jim Lindley). Fixes #600.
* BaseTextFormatter will now create the directory in a WHERE string (Adam Anderson). Fixes #616.
* Removed incorrect -S flag on autospec commands. Added explicit spec command for ruby to run, guarantee running rspec (raggi). Closes #507.
* Check whether test/unit has really been loaded before calling a method it defines (Brian Donovan). Closes #503.
* Fix spec_path for shared groups (Zach Dennis). Closes #615.
* stubbed message expectation not verified if it has been called *before* the expectation (Matthias Hennemeyer). Closes #637.
=== Version 1.1.11 / 2008-10-24
* 1 major enhancement
* eliminate ALL gem dependencies (as they were causing trouble for people on different platforms/environments)
=== Version 1.1.10 / 2008-10-24
* 1 minor enhancement
* hash.should include(:key => 'value') #when you don't care about the whole hash
* 2 bug fixes
* fix --help output (had inaccurate info about 'nested' formatter)
* eliminate spicycode-rcov dev dependency for rubygems < 1.3
=== Version 1.1.9 / 2008-10-20
WARNING: This release removes implicit inclusion of modules in example groups.
This means that if you have 'describe MyModule do', MyModule will not be
included in the group.
* 2 major enhancements
* Add extend to configuration (thanks to advice from Chad Fowler)
* Modules are no longer implicitly included in example groups
* 4 minor enhancements
* mingw indicates windows too (thanks to Luis Lavena for the tip)
* improved output for partial mock expecation failures
* it_should_behave_like now accepts n names of shared groups
* eliminated redundant inclusion/extension of ExampleGroupMethods
* 6 bug fixes
* spec command with no arguments prints help
* fixed typo in help. Fixes #73.
* fixed bug where should_receive..and_yield after similar stub added the args_to_yield to the stub's original args_to_yield (Pat Maddox)
* fixed bug where rspec-autotest (autospec) was loading non-spec files in spec directory. Fixes #559.
* fixed bug where should_not_receive was reporting twice
* fixed bug where rspec tries to run examples just because it is required (even if there are no examples loaded). Fixes #575.
=== Version 1.1.8 / 2008-10-03
* 2 bug fixes
* restore colorized output in linux and windows w/ autotest (Tim Pope). Fixes #413.
* autospec no longer hangs on windows. Fixes #554.
=== Version 1.1.7 / 2008-10-02
* no changes since 1.1.6, but releasing rspec-1.1.7 to align versions with rspec-rails-1.1.7
=== Version 1.1.6 / 2008-10-02
* 2 bug fixes
* fixed bug where negative message expectations following stubs resulted in false (negative) positives (Mathias Meyer). Closes #548.
* fixed bug where Not Yet Implemented examples report incorrect caller (Scott Taylor). Closes #547.
* 1 minor enhancement
* removed deprecated mock argument constraint symbols
=== Version 1.1.5 / 2008-09-28
IMPORTANT: use the new 'autospec' command instead of 'autotest'. We changed
the way autotest discovers rspec so the autotest executable won't
automatically load rspec anymore. This allows rspec to live side by side other
spec frameworks without always co-opting autotest through autotest's discovery
ALSO IMPORTANT: $rspec_options is gone. If you were using this for anything
(like your own runners), use Spec::Runner.options instead.
ADDITIONALLY IMPORTANT: If you have any custom formatters, you'll need to
modify #example_pending to accept three arguments instead of just two. See the
rdoc for Spec::Runner::Formatter::BaseFormatter#example_pending for more
* Consider MinGW as valid RUBY_PLATFORM for --colour option. (patch from Luis Lavena). Closes #406.
* Added additional characters to be escaped in step strings (patch from Jake Cahoon). Closes #417.
* Disable color codes on STDOUT when STDOUT.tty? is false (patch from Tim Pope). Closes #413.
* mock(:null_object=>true) plays nice with HTML (patch from Gerrit Kaiser). Closes #230.
* a step definition with no block is treated as pending
* make sure consolidate_failures only grabs _spec files. Closes #369
* Simplifying ExampleGroupMethods#registration_backtrace. (From Wilson Bilkovich -
* Use instead of localhost for drb (thanks Ola Bini)
* html story formatter correctly colors story/scenario red if step fails (Patch from Joseph Wilk). Closes #300
* plain text story formatter correctly colors story/scenario red if step fails (Patch from Joseph Wilk). Closes #439
* quiet deprecation warning on inflector - patch from RSL. Closes #430
* added autospec executable
* added configurable messages to simple_matcher
* should and should_not return true on success
* use hoe for build/release
* bye, bye translator
* autotest/rspec uses ruby command instead of spec command (no need for spec command unless loading directories)
* Avoid 'invalid option -O' in autotest (patch from Jonathan del Strother). Closes #486.
* Fix: Unimplemented step with new line throws error (patch from Ben Mabey). Closes #494.
* Only use color codes on tty; override for autospec (patch from Tim Pope). Closes #413.
* Warn when setting mock expectations on nil (patch from Ben Mabey). Closes #521.
* Support argument constraints as values in the hash_including contstraint. Thanks to Pirkka Hartikainen for failing code examples and the fix. Buttons up #501.
* mock(:null_object=>true) plays nice with HTML (patch from Gerrit Kaiser)
* Consider MinGW as valid RUBY_PLATFORM for --colour option. (patch from Luis Lavena). Closes #406.
* Add 2nd arg to respond_to? to align w/ core Ruby rdoc:
* quiet backtrace tweaker filters individual lines out of multiline (ala Rails) error messages (Pat Maddox)
* added ability to stub multiple methods in one stub! call (Pat Maddox)
* story progress bar formatter and more colourful summaries from the plain text story formatter (Joseph Wilk)
* Avoid ruby invocation errors when autotesting (Jonathan del Strother)
* added mock('foo').as_null_object
* add file and line number to pending_example for formatters (Scott Taylor)
* return last stubbed value for mock expectation with no explicit return (Pat Maddox)
* Fixed bug when should_receive(:foo).any_number_of_times is called after similar stub (Pat Maddox)
* Warning messages now issued when expectations are set on nil (Ben Mabey)
=== Version 1.1.4
Maintenance release.
Note: we've removed the metaclass method from Object. There were some
generated specs that used it, and they will now break. Just replace the
metaclass call with (class << self; self; end) and all will be well.
* added hash_including mock argument matcher. Closes #332 (patch from Rick DeNatale)
* pending steps print out yellow in stories (patch from Kyle Hargraves)
* Deprecation warnings for specs that assume auto-inclusion of modules. Closes #326 (patch from Scott Taylor)
* mock.should_not_receive(:anything) fails fast (once again)
* Patch from Antti Tarvainen to stop files from being loaded repeatedly when running heckle. Closes #333.
* Fixed bug in which session object in example was not the same instance used in the controller. Closes #331.
* Applied patch from Antti Tarvainen to fix bug where heckle runs rspec runs heckle runs rspec etc. Closes #280.
* Applied patch from Zach Dennis to merge :steps functionality to :steps_for. Closes #324.
* Applied patch from Ryan Davis to add eval of block passed to raise_error matcher. Closes #321.
* alias :context :describe in example_group_methods. Closes #312.
* Applied patch from Ben Mabey to make the Story runner exit with a non-0 exit code on failing stories. Closes #228.
* Applied patch from Coda Hale to get the :red hook called in autotest. Closes #279.
* Applied patch from Patrick Ritchie to support --drb in spec.opts. Closes #274, #293.
* Moved metaclass method from Object to an internal module which gets included where it is needed.
* Applied patch from Dayo Esho: and_yield clobbers return value from block. Closes #217.
* Applied patch from Bob Cotton: ExampleGroupFactory.default resets previously registered types. Closes #222.
* Applied patch from Mike Williams to support the lib directory in rails apps with the Textmate Alternate File command. Closes #276.
* ExampleGroupMethods#xspecify aliases #xit
* A SharedExampleGroup can be created within another ExampleGroup.
* Applied patch from Bob Cotton: Nested ExampleGroups do not have a spec_path. Closes #224.
* Add before_suite and after_suite callbacks to ExampleGroupMethods and Options. Closes #210.
* The after(:suite) callback lambda is passed a boolean representing whether the suite passed or failed
* Added NestedTextFormatter. Closes #366.
* decoupled mock framework from global extensions used by rspec - supports use of flexmock or mocha w/ rails
* Applied patch from Roman Chernyatchik to allow the user to pass in the ruby version into spectask. Closes #325, #370
=== Version 1.1.3
Maintenance release.
Notice to autotest users: you must also upgrade to ZenTest-3.9.0.
* Tightened up exceptions list in autotest/rails_spec. Closes #264.
* Applied patch from Ryan Davis for ZenTest-3.9.0 compatibility
* Applied patch from Kero to add step_upcoming to story listeners. Closes #253.
* Fixed bug where the wrong named error was not always caught by "should raise_error"
* Applied patch from Luis Lavena: No coloured output on Windows due missing RUBYOPT. Closes #244.
* Applied patch from Craig Demyanovich to add support for "should_not render_template" to rspec_on_rails. Closes #241.
* Added --pattern (-p for short) option to control what files get loaded. Defaults to '**/*_spec.rb'
* Exit with non-0 exit code if examples *or tests* (in test/unit interop mode) fail. Closes #203.
* Moved at_exit hook to a method in Spec::Runner which only runs if specs get loaded. Closes #242.
* Applied patch from kakutani ensuring that base_view_path gets cleared after each view example. Closes #235.
* More tweaks to regexp step names
* Fixed focused specs in nested ExampleGroups. Closes #225.
=== Version 1.1.2
Minor bug fixes/enhancements.
Notice to autotest users: you must also upgrade to ZenTest-3.8.0.
* RSpec's Autotest subclasses compatible with ZenTest-3.8.0 (thanks to Ryan Davis for making it easier on Autotest subs).
* Applied patch from idl to add spec/lib to rake stats. Closes #226.
* calling setup_fixtures and teardown_fixtures for Rails >= r8570. Closes #219.
* Applied patch from Josh Knowles using ActiveSupport's Inflector (when available) to make 'should have' read a bit better. Closes #197.
* Fixed regression in 1.1 that caused failing examples to fail to generate their own names. Closes #209.
* Applied doc patch from Jens Krämer for capturing content_for
* Applied patch from Alexander Lang to clean up story steps after each story. Closes #198.
* Applied patch from Josh Knowles to support 'string_or_response.should have_text(...)'. Closes #193.
* Applied patch from Ian Dees to quiet the Story Runner backtrace. Closes #183.
* Complete support for defining steps with regexp 'names'.
=== Version 1.1.1
Bug fix release.
* Fix regression in 1.1.0 that caused transactions to not get rolled back between examples.
* Applied patch from Bob Cotton to reintroduce ExampleGroup.description_options. Closes LH[#186]
=== Version 1.1.0
The "tell me a story and go nest yourself" release.
* Applied patch from Mike Vincent to handle generators rails > 2.0.1. Closes LH[#181]
* Formatter.pending signature changed so it gets passed an ExampleGroup instance instead of the name ( LH[#180])
* Fixed LH[#180] Spec::Rails::Example::ModelExampleGroup and friends show up in rspec/rails output
* Spec::Rails no longer loads ActiveRecord extensions if it's disabled in config/boot.rb
* Applied LH[#178] small annoyances running specs with warnings enabled (Patch from Mikko Lehtonen)
* Tighter integration with Rails fixtures. Take advantage of fixture caching to get performance improvements (Thanks to Pat Maddox, Nick Kallen, Jonathan Barnes, and Curtis)
=== Version 1.1.0-RC1
Textmate Bundle users - this release adds a new RSpec bundle that highlights describe, it, before and after and
provides navigation to descriptions and examples (rather than classes and methods). When you first install this,
it is going to try to hijack all of your .rb files. All you need to do is open a .rb file that does not end with
'spec.rb' and change the bundle selection from RSpec to Ruby. TextMate will do the right thing from then on.
Shortcuts for tab-activated snippets all follow the TextMate convention of 2 or 3 letters of the first word, followed by the first letter of each subsequent word. So "should have_at_least" would be triggered by shhal.
We reduced the scope for running spec directories, files, a single file or individual spec in TextMate to source.ruby.rspec. This allowed us to restore the standard Ruby shortcuts:
CMD-R runs all the specs in one file
CMD-SHIFT-R runs an individual spec
CMD-OPT-R runs any files or directories selected in the TextMate drawer
rspec_on_rails users - don't forget to run script/generate rspec
* Added shared_examples_for method, which you can (should) use instead of describe Foo, :shared => true
* Applied LH[#168] Fix describe Object, "description contains a # in it" (Patch from Martin Emde)
* Applied LH[#15] Reverse loading of ActionView::Base helper modules (Patch from Mark Van Holstyn)
* Applied LH[#149] Update contribute page to point towards lighthouse (Patch from Josh Knowles)
* Applied LH[#142] verify_rcov fails with latest rcov (Patch from Kyle Hargraves)
* Applied LH[#10] Allow stubs to yield and return values (Patch from Pat Maddox)
* Fixed LH[#139] version.rb in trunk missing svn last changed number
* Applied LH[#14] Adding support for by_at_least/by_at_most in Change matcher (Patch from Saimon Moore)
* Applied LH[#12] Fix for TM when switching to alternate file (Patch from Trevor Squires)
* Applied LH[#133] ExampleMatcher should match against before(:all) (Patch from Bob Cotton)
* Applied LH[#134] Only load spec inside spec_helper.rb (Patch from Mark Van Holstyn)
* RSpec now bails immediately if there are examples with identical names.
* Applied LH[#132] Plain Text stories should support Given and Given: (Patch from Jarkko Laine)
* Applied patch from Pat Maddox: Story Mediator - the glue that binds the plain text story parser with the rest of the system
* Applied LH[#16] Have SimpleMatchers expose their description for specdocs (Patch from Bryan Helmkamp)
* Stories now support --colour
* Changed the DSL modules to Example (i.e. Spec::Example instead of Spec::DSL)
* Applied [#15608] Story problem if parenthesis used in Given, When, Then or And (Patch from Sinclair Bain)
* Applied [#15659] GivenScenario fails when it is a RailsStory (Patch from Nathan Sutton)
* Fixed [#15639] rcov exclusion configuration. (Spec::Rails projects can configure rcov with spec/rcov.opts)
* The rdoc formatter (--format rdoc) is gone. It was buggy and noone was using it.
* Changed Spec::DSL::Behaviour to Spec::DSL::ExampleGroup
* Changed Spec::DSL::SharedBehaviour to Spec::DSL::SharedExampleGroup
* Applied [#14023] Small optimization for heavily proxied objects. (Patch from Ian Leitch)
* Applied [#13943] ProfileFormatter (Top 10 slowest examples) (Patch from Ian Leitch)
* Fixed [#15232] heckle is not working correctly in trunk (as of r2801)
* Applied [#14399] Show pending reasons in HTML report (Patch from Bryan Helmkamp)
* Discovered fixed: [#10263] mock "leak" when setting an expectation in a block passed to mock#should_receive
* Fixed [#14671] Spec::DSL::ExampleRunner gives "NO NAME because of --dry-run" for every example for 'rake spec:doc'
* Fixed [#14543] rspec_scaffold broken with Rails 2.0
* Removed Patch [#10577] Rails with Oracle breaks 0.9.2 - was no longer necessary since we moved describe to the Main object (instead of Object)
* Fixed [#14527] specs run twice on rails 1.2.4 and rspec/rspec_on_rails trunk
* Applied [#14043] Change output ordering to show pending before errors (Patch from Mike Mangino)
* Applied [#14095] Don't have ./script/generate rspec create previous_failures.txt (Patch from Bryan Helmkamp)
* Applied [#14254] Improved error handling for Object#should and Object#should_not (Patch from Antti Tarvainen)
* Applied [#14186] Remove dead code from message_expecation.rb (Patch from Antti Tarvainen)
* Applied [#14183] Tiny improvement on mock_spec.rb (Patch from Antti Tarvainen)
* Applied [#14208] Fix to Mock#method_missing raising NameErrors instead of MockExpectationErrors (Patch from Antti Tarvainen)
* Applied [#14255] Fixed examples in mock_spec.rb and shared_behaviour_spec.rb (Patch from Antti Tarvainen)
* Applied [#14362] partially mocking objects that define == can blow up (Patch from Pat Maddox)
* test_ methods with an arity of 0 defined in a describe block or Example object will be run as an Example, providing a seamless transition from Test::Unit
* Removed BehaviourRunner
* Fixed [#13969] Spec Failures on Trunk w/ Autotest
* Applied [#14156] False positives with should_not (Patch from Antti Tarvainen)
* Applied [#14170] route_for and params_from internal specs fixed (Patch from Antti Tarvainen)
* Fixed [#14166] Cannot build trunk
* Applied [#14142] Fix for bug #11602: Nested #have_tag specifications fails on the wrong line number (Patch from Antti Tarvainen)
* Removed warn_if_no_files argument and feature
* Steps (Given/When/Then) with no blocks are treated as pending
* Applied [#13913] Scenario should treat no code block as pending (Patch from Evan Light)
* Fixed [#13370] Weird mock expectation error (Patch from Mike Mangino)
* Applied [#13952] Fix for performance regression introduced in r2096 (Patch from Ian Leitch)
* Applied [#13881] Dynamically include Helpers that are included on ActionView::Base (Patch from Brandon Keepers)
* Applied [#13833] ActionView::Helpers::JavaScriptMacrosHelper removed after 1.2.3 (Patch from Yurii Rashkovskii)
* Applied [#13814] RSpec on Rails w/ fixture-scenarios (Patch from Shintaro Kakutani)
* Add ability to define Example subclass instead of using describe
* Applied Patch from James Edward Gray II to improve syntax highlighting in TextMate
* Fixed [#13579] NoMethodError not raised for missing helper methods
* Fixed [#13713] form helper method 'select' can not be called when calling custom helper methods from specs
* Example subclasses Test::Unit::TestCase
* Added stub_everything method to create a stub that will return itself for any message it doesn't understand
* Added stories directory with stories/all.rb and stories/helper.rb when you script/generate rspec
* Applied [#13554] Add "And" so you can say Given... And... When... Then... And...
* Applied [#11254] RSpec syntax coloring and function pop-up integration in TextMate (Patch from Wincent Colaiuta)
* Applied [#13143] ActionView::Helpers::RecordIdentificationHelper should be included if present (Patch from Jay Levitt)
* Applied [#13567] patch to allow stubs to yield consecutive values (Patch from Rupert Voelcker)
* Applied [#13559] reverse version of route_for (Patch from Rupert Voelcker)
* Added [#13532] /lib specs should get base EvalContext
* Applied [#13451] Add a null_object option to mock_model (Patch from James Deville)
* Applied [#11919] Making non-implemented specs easy in textmate (Patch from Scott Taylor)
* Applied [#13274] ThrowSymbol recognized a NameError triggered by Kernel#method_missing as a thrown Symbol
* Applied [#12722] the alternate file command does not work in rails views due to scope (Patch from Carl Porth)
* Behaviour is now a Module that is used by Example class methods and SharedBehaviour
* Added ExampleDefinition
* Added story runner framework based on rbehave [#12628]
* Applied [#13336] Helper directory incorrect for rake stats in statsetup task (Patch from Curtis Miller)
* Applied [#13339] Add the ability for spec_parser to parse describes with :behaviour_type set (Patch from Will Leinweber and Dav Yaginuma)
* Fixed [#13271] incorrect behaviour with expect_render and stub_render
* Applied [#13129] Fix failing specs in spec_distributed (Patch from Bob Cotton)
* Applied [#13118] Rinda support for Spec::Distributed (Patch from Bob Cotton)
* Removed BehaviourEval
* Removed Behaviour#inherit
* Moved implementation of install_dependencies to example_rails_app
* Added Example#not_implemented?
* You can now stub!(:msg).with(specific args)
* describe("A", Hash, "with one element") will generate description "A Hash with one element" (Tip from Ola Bini)
* Applied [#13016] [DOC] Point out that view specs render, well, a view (Patch from Jay Levitt)
* Applied [#13078] Develop rspec with autotest (Patch from Scott Taylor)
* Fixed [#13065] Named routes throw a NoMethodError in Helper specs (Patches from James Deville and Mike Mangino)
* Added (back) the verbose attribute in Spec::Rake::SpecTask
* Changed documentation to point at the new http svn URL, which is more accessible.
=== Version 1.0.8
Another bugfix release - this time to resolve the version mismatch
=== Version 1.0.7
Quick bugfix release to ensure that you don't have to have the rspec gem installed
in order to use autotest with rspec_on_rails.
* Fixed [#13015] autotest gives failure in 'spec_command' after upgrade 1.0.5 to 1.0.6
=== Version 1.0.6
The "holy cow, batman, it's been a long time since we released and there are a ton of bug
fixes, patches and even new features" release.
Warning: Spec::Rails users: In fixing 11508, we've removed the raise_controller_errors method. As long as you
follow the upgrade instructions and run 'script/generate rspec' you'll be fine, but if you skip this
step you need to manually go into spec_helper.rb and remove the call to that method (if present - it
might not be if you haven't upgraded in a while).
Warning: Implementors of custom formatters. Formatters will now be sent an Example object instead of just a
String for #example_started, #example_passed and #example_failed. In certain scenarios
(Spec::Ui with Spec::Distributed), the formatter must ask the Example for its sequence number instead of
keeping track of a sequence number internal to the formatter. Most of you shouldn't need to upgrade
your formatters though - the Example#to_s method returns the example name/description, so you should be
able to use the passed Example instance as if it were a String.
* Applied [#12986] Autotest Specs + Refactoring (Patch from Scott Tayler)
* Added a #close method to formatters, which allows them to gracefully close streams.
* Applied [#12935] Remove requirement that mocha must be installed as a gem when used as mocking framework. (Patch from Ryan Kinderman).
* Fixed [#12893] RSpec's Autotest should work with rspec's trunk
* Fixed [#12865] Partial mock error when object has an @options instance var
* Applied [#12701] Allow checking of content captured with content_for in view specs (Patch from Jens Kr�mer)
* Applied [#12817] Cannot include same shared behaviour when required with absolute paths (Patch from Ian Leitch)
* Applied [#12719] rspec_on_rails should not include pagination helper (Patch from Matthijs Langenberg)
* Fixed [#12714] helper spec not finding rails core helpers
* Applied [#12611] should_not redirect_to implementation (Patch from Yurii Rashkovskii)
* Applied [#12682] Not correctly aliasing original 'stub!' and 'should_receive' methods for ApplicationController (Patch from Matthijs Langenberg)
* Disabled controller.should_receive(:render) and controller.stub!(:render). Use expect_render or stub_render instead.
* Applied [#12484] Allow a Behaviour's Description to flow through to the Formatter (Patch from Bob Cotton)
* Fixed [#12448] The spec:plugins rake task from rspec_on_rails should ignore specs from the rspec_on_rails plugin
* Applied [#12300] rr integration (patch from Kyle Hargraves)
* Implemented [#12284] mock_with :rr (integration with RR mock framework:
* Applied [#12237] (tiny) added full path to mate in switch_command (Patch from Carl Porth)
* Formatters will now be sent an Example object instead of just a String for certain methods
* All Spec::Rake::SpecTask attributes can now be procs, which allows for lazy evaluation.
* Changed the Spec::Ui interfaces slightly. See examples.
* Applied [#12174] mishandling of paths with spaces in spec_mate switch_command (Patch from Carl Porth)
* Implemented [#8315] File "Go to..." functionality
* Applied [#11917] Cleaner Spec::Ui error for failed Selenium connection (Patch from Ian Dees)
* Applied [#11888] rspec_on_rails spews out warnings when assert_select is used with an XML response (Patch from Ian Leitch)
* Applied [#12010] Nicer failure message formatting (Patch from Wincent Colaiuta)
* Applied [#12156] smooth open mate patch (Patch from Ienaga Eiji)
* Applied [#10577] Rails with Oracle breaks 0.9.2. (Patch from Sinclair Bain)
* Fixed [#12079] auto-generated example name incomplete: should have 1 error on ....]
* Applied [#12066] Docfix for mocks/ (Patch from Kyle Hargraves)
* Fixed [#11891] script/generate rspec_controller fails to create appropriate views (from templates) on edge rails
* Applied [#11921] Adds the correct controller_name from derived_controller_name() to the ViewExampleGroupController (Patch from Eloy Duran)
* Fixed [#11903] config.include with behaviour_type 'hash' does not work
* Examples without blocks and pending is now reported with a P instead of a *
* Pending blocks that now pass are rendered blue
* New behaviour for after: If an after block raises an error, the other ones will still run instead of bailing at the first.
* Made it possible to run spec from RSpec.tmbundle with --drb against a Rails spec_server.
* Applied [#11868] Add ability for pending to optionally hold a failing block and to fail when it passes (Patch from Bob Cotton)
* Fixed [#11843] watir_behaviour missing from spec_ui gem
* Added 'switch between source and spec file' command in Spec::Mate (based on code from Ruy Asan)
* Applied [#11509] Documentation - RSpec requires hpricot
* Applied [#11807] Daemonize spec_server and rake tasks to manage them. (patch from Kyosuke MOROHASHI)
* Added pending(message) method
* Fixed [#11777] should render_template doesn't check paths correctly
* Fixed [#11749] Use of 'rescue => e' does not catch all exceptions
* Fixed [#11793] should raise_error('with a message') does not work correctly
* Fixed [#11774] Mocks should respond to :kind_of? in the same way they respond to :is_a?
* Fixed [#11508] Exceptions are not raised for Controller Specs (removed experimental raise_controller_errors)
* Applied [#11615] Partial mock methods give ambiguous failures when given a method name as a String (Patch from Jay Phillips)
* Fixed [#11545] Rspec doesn't handle should_receive on ActiveRecord associations (Patch from Ian White)
* Fixed [#11514] configuration.use_transactional_fixtures is ALWAYS true, regardless of assignment
* Improved generated RESTful controller examples to cover both successful and unsuccessful POST and PUT
* Changed TextMate snippets for controllers to pass controller class names to #describe rather than controller_name.
* Changed TextMate snippets for mocks to use no_args() and any_args() instead of the deprecated Symbols.
* Applied [#11500] Documentation: no rails integration specs in 1.0
* Renamed SpecMate's shortcuts for running all examples and focused examples to avoid conflicts (CMD-d and CMD-i)
* Added a TextMate snippet for custom matchers, lifted from Geoffrey Grosenbach's RSpec peepcode show.
* The translator translates mock constraints to the new matchers that were introduced in 1.0.4
* Documented environment variables for Spec::Rake::SpecTask. Renamed SPECOPTS and RCOVOPTS to SPEC_OPTS and RCOV_OPTS.
* Fixed [#10534] Windows: undefined method 'controller_name'
=== Version 1.0.5
Bug fixes. Autotest plugin tweaks.
* Fixed [#11378] fix to 10814 broke drb (re-opened #10814)
* Fixed [#11223] Unable to access flash from rails helper specs
* Fixed [#11337] autotest runs specs redundantly
* Fixed [#11258] windows: autotest won't run
* Applied [#11253] Tweaks to autotest file mappings (Patch from Wincent Colaiuta)
* Applied [#11252] Should be able to re-load file containing shared behaviours without raising an exception (Patch from Wincent Colaiuta)
* Fixed [#11247] standalone autotest doesn't work because of unneeded autotest.rb
* Applied [#11221] Autotest support does not work w/o Rails Gem installed (Patch from Josh Knowles)
=== Version 1.0.4
The getting ready for JRuby release.
* Fixed [#11181] behaviour_type scoping of config.before(:each) is not working
* added mock argument constraint matchers (anything(), boolean(), an_instance_of(Type)) which work with rspec or mocha
* added mock argument constraint matchers (any_args(), no_args()) which only work with rspec
* deprecated rspec's symbol mock argument constraint matchers (:any_args, :no_args, :anything, :boolean, :numeric, :string)
* Added tarball of rspec_on_rails to the release build to support folks working behind a firewall that blocks svn access.
* Fixed [#11137] rspec incorrectly handles flash after resetting the session
* Fixed [#11143] Views code for ActionController::Base#render broke between 1.0.0 and 1.0.3 on Rails Edge r6731
* Added raise_controller_errors for controller examples in Spec::Rails
=== Version 1.0.3
Bug fixes.
* Fixed [#11104] Website uses old specify notation
* Applied [#11101] StringHelpers.starts_with?(prefix) assumes a string parameter for _prefix_
* Removed 'rescue nil' which was hiding errors in controller examples.
* Fixed [#11075] controller specs fail when using mocha without integrated_views
* Fixed problem with redirect_to failing incorrectly against edge rails.
* Fixed [#11082] RspecResourceGenerator should be RspecScaffoldGenerator
* Fixed [#10959] Focused Examples do not work for Behaviour defined with constant with modules
=== Version 1.0.2
This is just to align the version numbers in rspec and rspec_on_rails.
=== Version 1.0.1
This is a maintenance release with mostly cleaning up, and one minor enhancement -
Modules are automatically included when described directly.
* Renamed Spec::Rails' rspec_resource generator to rspec_scaffold.
* Removed Spec::Rails' be_feed matcher since it's based on assert_select_feed which is not part of Rails (despite that docs for assert_select_encoded says it is).
* describe(SomeModule) will include that module in the examples. Like for Spec::Rails helpers, but now also in core.
* Header in HTML report will be yellow instead of red if there is one failed example
* Applied [#10951] Odd instance variable name in rspec_model template (patch from Kyle Hargraves)
* Improved integration with autotest (Patches from Ryan Davis and David Goodland)
* Some small fixes to make all specs run on JRuby.
=== Version 1.0.0
The stake in the ground release. This represents a commitment to the API as it is. No significant
backwards compatibility changes in the API are expected after this release.
* Fixed [#10923] have_text matcher does not support should_not
* Fixed [#10673] should > and should >= broken
* Applied [#10921] Allow verify_rcov to accept greater than threshold coverage %'s via configuration
* Applied [#10920] Added support for not implemented examples (Patch from Chad Humphries and Ken Barker)
* Patch to allow not implemented examples. This works by not providing a block to the example. (Patch from Chad Humphries, Ken Barker)
* Yanked support for Rails 1.1.6 in Spec::Rails
* RSpec.tmbundle uses CMD-SHIFT-R to run focused examples now.
* Spec::Rails now bundles a spec:rcov task by default (suggestion from Kurt Schrader)
* Fixed [#10814] Runner loads shared code, test cases require them again
* Fixed [#10753] Global before and after
* Fixed [#10774] Allow before and after to be specified in config II
* Refactored Spec::Ui examples to use new global before and after blocks.
* Added instructions about how to get Selenium working with Spec::Ui (spec_ui/examples/selenium/README.txt)
* Fixed [#10805] selenium.rb missing from gem?
* Added rdocs explaining how to deal with errors in Rails' controller actions
* Applied [#10770] Finer grained includes.
* Fixed [#10747] Helper methods defined in shared specs are not visible when shared spec is used
* Fixed [#10748] Shared descriptions in separate files causes 'already exists' error
* Applied [#10698] Running with --drb executes specs twice (patch from Ruy Asan)
* Fixed [#10871] 0.9.4 - Focussed spec runner fails to run specs in descriptions with type and string when there is no leading space in the string
=== Version 0.9.4
This release introduces massive improvements to Spec::Ui - the user interface functional testing
extension to RSpec. There are also some minor bug fixes to the RSpec core.
* Massive improvements to Spec::Ui. Complete support for all Watir's, what) methods. Inline screenshots and HTML.
* Reactivated --timeout, which had mysteriously been deactivated in a recent release.
* Fixed [#10669] Kernel#describe override does not cover Kernel#context
* Applied [#10636] Added spec for OptionParser in Runner (Patch from Scott Taylor)
* Added [#10516] should_include should be able to accept multiple items
* Applied [#10631] redirect_to matcher doesn't respect (Patch from Tim Lucas)
* Each formatter now flushes their own IO. This is to avoid buffering of output.
* Fixed [#10670] IVarProxy#delete raises exception when instance variable does not exist
=== Version 0.9.3
This is a bugfix release.
* Fixed [#10594] Failing Custom Matcher show NAME NOT GENERATED description
* describe(SomeType, "#message") will not add a space: "SomeType#message" (likewise for '.')
* describe(SomeType, "message") will have a decription with a space: "SomeType message"
* Applied [#10566] prepend_before and prepend_after callbacks
* Applied [#10567] Call setup and teardown using before and after callbacks
=== Version 0.9.2
This is a quick maintenance release.
* Added some website love
* Fixed [#10542] reverse predicate matcher syntax
* Added a spec:translate Rake task to make 0.9 translation easier with Spec:Rails
* Better translation of should_redirect_to
* Fixed --colour support for Windows. This is a regression that was introduced in 0.9.1
* Applied [#10460] Make SpecRunner easier to instantiate without using commandline args
=== Version 0.9.1
This release introduces #describe and #it (aliased as #context and #specify for
backwards compatibility). This allows you to express specs like this:
describe SomeClass do # Creates a Behaviour
it "should do something" do # Creates an Example
The command line features four new options that give you more control over what specs
are being run and in what order. This can be used to verify that your specs are
independent (by running in opposite order with --reverse). It can also be used to cut
down feedback time by running the most recently modified specs first (--loadby mtime --reverse).
Further, --example replaces the old --spec option, and it can now take a file name of
spec names as an alternative to just a spec name. The --format failing_examples:file.txt
option allows you to output an --example compatible file, which makes it possible to only
rerun the specs that failed in the last run. Spec::Rails uses all of these four options
by default to optimise your RSpec experience.
There is now a simple configuration model. For Spec::Rails, you do something like this:
Spec::Runner.configure do |config|
config.use_transactional_fixtures = true
config.use_instantiated_fixtures = false
config.fixture_path = RAILS_ROOT + '/spec/fixtures'
You can now use mocha or flexmock with RSpec if you prefer either to
RSpec's own mock framework. Just put this:
Spec::Runner.configure do |config|
config.mock_with :mocha
or this:
Spec::Runner.configure do |config|
config.mock_with :flexmock
in a file that is loaded before your specs. You can also
configure included modules and predicate_matchers:
Spec::Runner.configure do |config|
config.include SomeModule
config.predicate_matchers[:does_something?] = :do_something
See Spec::DSL::Behaviour for more on predicate_matchers
* Sugar FREE!
* Added [10434 ] Please Make -s synonymous with -e for autotest compat. This is temporary until autotest uses -e instead of -s.
* Fixed [#10133] custom predicate matchers
* Applied [#10473] Add should exist (new matcher) - Patch from Bret Pettichord
* Added another formatter: failing_behaviours. Writes the names of the failing behaviours for use with --example.
* Applied [#10315] Patch to fix pre_commit bug 10313 - pre_commit_rails: doesn't always build correctly (Patch from Antii Tarvainen)
* Applied [#10245] Patch to HTML escape the behavior name when using HTML Formatter (Patch from Josh Knowles)
* Applied [#10410] redirect_to does not behave consistently with regards to query string parameter ordering (Patch from Nicholas Evans)
* Applied [#9605] Patch for ER 9472, shared behaviour (Patch by Bob Cotton)
* The '--format rdoc' option no longer causes a dry-run by default. --dry-run must be used explicitly.
* It's possible to specify the output file in the --format option (See explanation in --help)
* Several --format options may be specified to output several formats in one run.
* The --out option is gone. Use --format html:path/to/my.html instead (or similar).
* Spec::Runner::Formatter::BaseTextFormatter#initialize only takes one argument - an IO. dry_run and color are setters.
* Made Spec::Ui *much* easier to install. It will be released separately. Check out trunk/spec_ui/examples
* HTML reports now include a syntax highlighted snippet of the source code where the spec failed (needs the syntax gem)
* Added [#10262] Better Helper testing of Erb evaluation block helpers
* Added [#9735] support flexmock (thanks to Jim Weirich for his modifications to flexmock to support this)
* Spec::Rails controller specs will no longer let mock exception ripple through to the response.
* Fixed [#9260] IvarProxy does not act like a hash.
* Applied [#9458] The rspec_scaffold generator does not take into account class nesting (Patch from Steve Tendon)
* Applied [#9132] Rakefile spec:doc can fail without preparing database (Patch from Steve Ross)
* Applied [#9678] Custom runner command line switch, and multi-threaded runner (Patch from Bob Cotton)
* Applied [#9926] Rakefile - RSPEC_DEPS constant as an Array of Hashes instead of an Array of Arrays (Patch from Scott Taylor)
* Applied [#9925] Changed ".rhtml" to "template" in REST spec generator (Patch from Scott Taylor)
* Applied [#9852] Patch for RSpec's Website using Webgen 0.4.2 (Patch from Scott Taylor)
* Fixed [#6523] Run rspec on rails without a db
* Fixed [#9295] rake spec should run anything in the spec directory (not just rspec's standard dirs)
* Added [#9786] infer controller and helper names from the described type
* Fixed [#7795] form_tag renders action='/view_spec' in view specs
* Fixed [#9767] rspec_on_rails should not define rescue_action on controllers
* Fixed [#9421] --line doesn't work with behaviours that use class names
* Fixed [#9760] rspec generators incompatible with changes to edge rails
* Added [#9786] infer controller and helper names from the described type
* Applied a simplified version of [#9282] Change to allow running specs from textmate with rspec installed as a rails plugin (and no rspec gem installed)
* Applied [#9700] Make Spec::DSL::Example#name public / Add a --timeout switch. A great way to prevent specs from getting slow.
* In Rails, script/generate rspec will generate a spec.opts file that optimises faster/more efficient running of specs.
* Added [#9522] support using rspec's expectations with test/unit
* Moved rspec_on_rails up to the project root, simplifying the download url
* Fixed [#8103] RSpec not installing spec script correctly.
* The --spec option is replaced by the --example option.
* The --loadby option no longer supports a file argument. Use --example file_name instead.
* The --example option can now take a file name as an argument. The file should contain example names.
* Internal classes are named Behaviour/Example (rather than Context/Specification).
* You can now use mocha by saying config.mock_with :mocha in a spec_helper
* before_context_eval is replaced by before_eval.
* Applied [#9509] allow spaced options in spec.opts
* Applied [#9510] Added File for Ruby 1.8.6
* Applied [#9511] Clarification to README file in spec/
* Moved all of the Spec::Rails specs down to the plugins directory - now you can run the specs after you install.
* Updated RSpec.tmbundle to the 0.9 syntax and replaced context/specify with describe/it.
* Applied [#9232] ActionController::Base#render is sometimes protected (patch from Dan Manges)
* Added --reverse option, allowing contexts/specs to be run in reverse order.
* Added --loadby option, allowing better control over load order for spec files. mtime and file.txt supported.
* Implemented [#8696] --order option (see --reverse and --loadby)
* Added describe/it as aliases for context/specify - suggestion from Dan North.
* Applied [#7637] [PATCH] add skip-migration option to rspec_scaffold generator
* Added [#9167] string.should have_tag
* Changed script/rails_spec_server to script/spec_server and added script/spec (w/ path to vendor/plugins/rspec)
* Fixed [#8897] Error when mixing controller spec with/without integrated views and using template system other than rhtml
* Updated sample app specs to 0.9 syntax
* Updated generated specs to 0.9 syntax
* Applied [#8994] trunk: generated names for be_ specs (Multiple patches from Yurii Rashkovskii)
* Applied [#9983]: Allow before and after to be called in BehaviourEval. This is useful for shared examples.
=== Version 0.8.2
Replaced assert_select fork with an assert_select wrapper for have_tag. This means that "should have_rjs" no longer supports :hide or :effect, but you can still use should_have_rjs for those.
=== Version 0.8.1
Quick "in house" bug-fix
=== Version 0.8.0
This release introduces a new approach to handling expectations using Expression Matchers.
See Upgrade[], Spec::Expectations, Spec::Matchers and RELEASE-PLAN for more info.
This release also improves the spec command line by adding DRb support and making it possible to
store command line options in a file. This means a more flexible RSpec experience with Rails,
Rake and editor plugins like TextMate.
It also sports myriad new features, bug fixes, patches and general goodness:
* Fixed [#8928] rspec_on_rails 0.8.0-RC1 controller tests make double call to setup_with_fixtures
* Fixed [#8925] Documentation bug in 0.8.0RC1 rspec website
* Applied [#8132] [PATCH] RSpec breaks "rake db:sessions:create" in a rails project that has the rspec_on_rails plugin (Patch from Erik Kastner)
* Fixed [#8789] --line and --spec not working when the context has parenhesis in the name
* Added [#8783] auto generate spec names from last expectation
* --heckle now fails if the heckled class or module is not found.
* Fixed [#8771] Spec::Mocks::BaseExpectation#with converts hash params to array of arrays with #collect
* Fixed [#8750] should[_not]_include backwards compatibility between 0.8.0-RC1 and broken
* Fixed [#8646] Context Runner does not report on Non standard exceptions and return a 0 return code
* RSpec on Rails' spec_helper.rb will only force RAILS_ENV to test if it was not specified on the command line.
* Fixed [#5485] proc#should_raise and proc#should_not_raise output
* Added [#8484] should_receive with blocks
* Applied [#8218] heckle_runner.rb doesn't work with heckle >= 1.2.0 (Patch from Michal Kwiatkowski)
* Fixed [#8240] Cryptic error message when no controller_name
* Applied [#7461] [PATCH] Contexts don't call Module::included when they include a module
* Removed unintended block of test/unit assertions in rspec_on_rails - they should all, in theory, now be accessible
* Added mock_model method to RSpec on Rails, which stubs common methods. Based on
* Fixed [#8165] Partial Mock Errors when respond_to? is true but the method is not in the object
* Fixed [#7611] Partial Mocks override Subclass methods
* Fixed [#8302] Strange side effect when mocking a class method
* Applied [#8316] to_param should return a stringified key in resource generator's controller spec (Patch from Chris Anderson)
* Applied [#8216] shortcut for creating object stub
* Applied [#8008] Correct generated specs for view when calling resource generator (Patch from Jonathan Tron)
* Fixed [#7754] Command-R fails to run spec in TextMate (added instruction from Luke Redpath to the website)
* Fixed [#7826] RSpect.tmbundle web page out of date.
* RSpec on Rails specs are now running against RoR 1.2.1 and 1.2.2
* rspec_scaffold now generates specs for views
* In a Rails app, RSpec core is only loaded when RAILS_ENV==test (init.rb)
* Added support for target.should arbitrary_expectation_handler and target.should_not arbitrary_expectation_handler
* Fixed [#7533] Spec suite fails and the process exits with a code 0
* Fixed [#7565] Subsequent stub! calls for method fail to override the first call to method
* Applied [#7524] Incorrect Documentation for 'pattern' in Rake task (patch from Stephen Duncan)
* Fixed [#7409] default fixtures do not appear to run.
* Fixed [#7507] "render..and return" doesn't return
* Fixed [#7509] rcov/rspec incorrectly includes boot.rb (Patch from Courtenay)
* Fixed [#7506] unnecessary complex output on failure of response.should be_redirect
* Applied [#6098] Make scaffold_resource generator. Based on code from Pat Maddox.
* The drbspec command is gone. Use spec --drb instead.
* The drb option is gone from the Rake task. Pass --drb to spec_opts instead.
* New -X/--drb option for running specs against a server like spec/rails' script/rails_spec_server
* New -O/--options and -G/--generate flags for file-based options (handy for spec/rails)
* Applied [#7339] Turn off caching in HTML reports
* Applied [#7419] "c option for colorizing output does not work with rails_spec" (Patch from Shintaro Kakutani)
* Applied [#7406] [PATCH] 0.7.5 rspec_on_rails loads fixtures into development database (Patch from Wilson Bilkovich)
* Applied [#7387] Allow stubs to return consecutive values (Patch from Pat Maddox)
* Applied [#7393] Fix for rake task (Patch from Pat Maddox)
* Reinstated support for response.should_render (in addition to controller.should_render)
=== Version
Bug fix release to allow downloads of rspec gem using rubygems 0.9.1.
=== Version 0.7.5
This release adds support for Heckle - Seattle'rb's code mutation tool.
There are also several bug fixes to the RSpec core and the RSpec on Rails plugin.
* Removed svn:externals on rails versions and plugins
* Applied [#7345] Adding context_setup and context_teardown, with specs and 100% rcov
* Applied [#7320] [PATCH] Allow XHR requests in controller specs to render RJS templates
* Applied [#7319] Migration code uses drop_column when it should use remove_column (patch from Pat Maddox)
* Added support for Heckle
* Applied [#7282] dump results even if spec is interrupted (patch from Kouhei Sutou)
* Applied [#7277] model.should_have(n).errors_on(:attribute) (patch from Wilson Bilkovich)
* Applied [#7270] RSpec render_partial colliding with simply_helpful (patch from David Goodlad)
* Added [#7250] stubs should support throwing
* Added [#7249] stubs should support yielding
* Fixed [#6760] fatal error when accessing nested finders in rspec
* Fixed [#7179] script/generate rspec_scaffold generates incorrect helper name
* Added preliminary support for assert_select (response.should_have)
* Fixed [#6971] and_yield does not work when the arity is -1
* Fixed [#6898] Can we separate rspec from the plugins?
* Added [#7025] should_change should accept a block
* Applied [#6989] partials with locals (patch from Micah Martin)
* Applied [#7023] Typo in
=== Version 0.7.4
This release features a complete redesign of the reports generated with --format html.
As usual there are many bug fixes - mostly related to spec/rails.
* Applied [#7010] Fixes :spacer_template does not work w/ view spec (patch from Shintaro Kakutani)
* Applied [#6798] ensure two ':' in the first backtrace line for Emacs's 'next-error' command (patch from Kouhei Sutou)
* Added Much nicer reports to generated website
* Much nicer reports with --format --html (patch from Luke Redpath)
* Applied [#6959] Calls to render and redirect in controllers should return true
* Fixed [#6981] helper method is not available in partial template.
* Added [#6978] mock should tell you the expected and actual args when receiving the right message with the wrong args
* Added the possibility to tweak the output of the HtmlFormatter (by overriding extra_failure_content).
* Fixed [#6936] View specs don't include ApplicationHelper by default
* Fixed [#6903] Rendering a partial in a view makes the view spec blow up
* Added callback library from Brian Takita
* Added [#6925] support controller.should_render :action_name
* Fixed [#6884] intermittent errors related to method binding
* Fixed [#6870] rspec on edge rails spec:controller fixture loading fails
* Using obj.inspect for all messages
* Improved performance by getting rid of instance_exec (instance_eval is good enough because we never need to pass it args)
=== Version 0.7.3
Almost normal bug fix/new feature release.
A couple of things you need to change in your rails specs:
# spec_helper.rb is a little different (see
# use controller.should_render before OR after the action (controller.should_have_rendered is deprecated)
* Applied [#6577] messy mock backtrace when frozen to edge rails (patch from Jay Levitt)
* Fixed [#6674] rspec_on_rails fails on @session deprecation warning
* Fixed [#6780] routing() was failing...fix included - works for 1.1.6 and edge (1.2)
* Fixed [#6835] bad message with arbitrary predicate
* Added [#6731] Partial templates rendered
* Fixed [#6713] helper methods not rendered in view tests?
* Fixed [#6707] cannot run controller / helper tests via rails_spec or spec only works with rake
* Applied [#6417] lambda {...}.should_change(receiver, :message) (patch from Wilson Bilkovich)
* Eliminated dependency on ZenTest
* Fixed [#6650] Reserved characters in the TextMate bundle break svn on Win32
* Fixed [#6643] script/generate rspec_controller: invalid symbol generation for 'controller_name' for *modularized* controllers
* The script/rails_spec command has been moved to bin/drbspec in RSpec core (installed by the gem)
=== Version 0.7.2
This release introduces a brand new RSpec bundle for TextMate, plus some small bugfixes.
* Packaged RSpec.tmbundle.tgz as part of the distro
* Fixed [#6593] Add moving progress bar to HtmlFormatter using Javascript
* Applied [#6265] should_raise should accept an Exception object
* Fixed [#6616] Can't run Rails specs with RSpec.tmbundle
* Fixed [#6411] Can't run Rails specs with ruby
* Added [#6589] New -l --line option. This is useful for IDE/editor runners/extensions.
* Fixed [#6615] controller.should_render_rjs should support :partial => 'path/to/template'
=== Version 0.7.1
Bug fixes and a couple o' new features.
* Fixed [#6575] Parse error in aliasing the partial mock original method (patch by Brian Takita)
* Fixed [#6277] debris left by stubbing (trunk) [submitted by dastels] (fixed by fix to [#6575])
* Fixed [#6575] Parse error in aliasing the partial mock original method
* Fixed [#6555] should_have_tag does not match documentation
* Fixed [#6567] SyntaxError should not stop entire run
* Fixed [#6558] integrated views look for template even when redirected
* Fixed [#6547] response.should be_redirect broken in 0.7.0
* Applied [#6471] Easy way to spec routes
* Applied [#6587] Rspec on Rails displays "Spec::Rails::ContextFactory" as context name
* Applied [#6514] Document has trivial typos.
* Added [#6560] controller.session should be available before the action
* Added support for should_have_rjs :visual_effect
* Different printing and colours for unmet expectations (red) and other exceptions (magenta)
* Simplified method_missing on mock_methods to make it less invasive on partial mocks.
=== Version 0.7.0
This is the "Grow up and eat your own dog food release". RSpec is now used on itself and
we're no longer using Test::Unit to test it. Although, we are still extending Test::Unit
for the rails plugin (indirectly - through ZenTest)
There are a few changes that will require that you change your existing specs.
RSpec now handles equality exactly like ruby does:
# actual.should_equal(expected) will pass if actual.equal?(expected) returns true
# actual.should eql(expected) will pass if actual.eql?(expected) returns true
# actual.should == expected will pass if actual == expected) returns true
At the high level, eql? implies equivalence, while equal? implies object identity. For more
information on how ruby deals w/ equality, you should do this:
ri equal?
or look at this:
Also, we left in should_be as a synonym for should_equal, so the only specs that should break are the
ones using should_equal (which used to use <code>==</code> instead of <code>.equal?</code>).
Lastly, should_be used to handle true and false differently from any other values. We've removed
this special handling, so now actual.should_be true will fail for any value other than true (it
used to pass for any non-nil, non-false value), and actual.should_be false will fail for any
value other than false (it used to pass for nil or false).
Here's what you'll need to do to update your specs:
# search for "should_equal" and replace with "should_eql"
# run specs
If any specs still fail, they are probably related to should be_true or should_be_false using
non-boolean values. Those you'll just have to inspect manually and adjust appropriately (sorry!).
Specifying multiple return values in mocks now works like this:
It used to work like this:
but we decided that was counter intuitive and otherwise lame.
Here's what you'll need to do to update your specs:
# search for "and_return(["
# get rid of the "[" and "]"
RSpec on Rails now supports the following (thanks to ZenTest upon which it is built):
# Separate specs for models, views, controllers and helpers
# Controller specs are completely decoupled from the views by default (though you can tell them to couple themselves if you prefer)
# View specs are completely decoupled from app-specific controllers
See for more information
As usual, there are also other new features and bug fixes:
* Added lots of documentation on mocks/stubs and the rails plugin.
* Added support for assigns[key] syntax for controller specs (to align w/ pre-existing syntax for view specs)
* Added support for controller.should_redirect_to
* RSpec on Rails automatically checks whether it's compatible with the installed RSpec
* Applied [#6393] rspec_on_rails uses deprecated '@response' instead of the accessor
* RSpec now has 100% spec coverage(!)
* Added support for stubbing and partial mocking
* Progress (....F..F.) is now coloured. Tweaked patch from KAKUTANI Shintaro.
* Backtrace now excludes the rcov runner (/usr/local/bin/rcov)
* Fixed [#5539] predicates do not work w/ rails
* Added [#6091] support for Regexp matching messages sent to should_raise
* Added [#6333] support for Regexp matching in mock arguments
* Applied [#6283] refactoring of diff support to allow selectable formats and custom differs
* Fixed [#5564] "ruby spec_file.rb" doesn't work the same way as "spec spec_file.rb"
* Fixed [#6056] Multiple output of failing-spec notice
* Fixed [#6233] Colours in specdoc
* Applied [#6207] Allows --diff option to diff target and expected's #inspect output (Patch by Lachie Cox)
* Fixed [#6203] Failure messages are misleading - consider using inspect.
* Added [#6334] subject.should_have_xyz will try to call subject.has_xyz? - use this for hash.should_have_key(key)
* Fixed [#6017] Rake task should ignore empty or non-existent spec-dirs
=== Version 0.6.4
In addition to a number of bug fixes and patches, this release begins to formalize the support for
RSpec on Rails.
* Added Christopher Petrilli's TextMate bundle to vendor/textmate/RSpec.tmbundle
* Fixed [#5909], once again supporting multi_word_predicates
* Applied [#5873] - response.should_have_rjs (initial patch from Jake Howerton, based on ARTS by Kevin Clark)
* Added generation of view specs for rspec_on_rails
* Applied [#5815] active_record_subclass.should_have(3).records
* Added support in "rake stats" for view specs (in spec/views)
* Applied [#5801] QuickRef.pdf should say RSpec, not rSpec
* Applied [#5728] rails_spec_runner fails on Windows (Patch from Lindsay Evans).
* Applied [#5708] RSpec Rails plugin rspec_controller generator makes specs that do not parse.
* Cleaned up RSpec on Rails so it doesn't pollute as much during bootstrapping.
* Added support for response.should_have_tag and response.should_not_have_tag (works just like assert_tag in rails)
* Added new -c, --colour, --color option for colourful (red/green) output. Inspired from Pat Eyler's Redgreen gem.
* Added examples for Watir and Selenium under the gem's vendor directory.
* Renamed rails_spec_runner to rails_spec_server (as referred to in the docs)
* Added support for trying a plural for arbitrary predicates. E.g. Album.should_exist(:name => "Hey Jude") will call Album.exists?(:name => "Hey Jude")
* Added support for should_have to work with methods taking args returning a collection. E.g. @dave.should_have(3).albums_i_have_that_this_guy_doesnt(@aslak)
* Added [#5570] should_not_receive(:msg).with(:specific, "args")
* Applied [#5065] to support using define_method rather than method_missing to capture expected messages on mocks. Thanks to Eero Saynatkari for the tip that made it work.
* Restructured directories and Modules in order to separate rspec into three distinct Modules: Spec::Expectations, Spec::Runner and Spec::Mocks. This will allow us to more easily integrate other mock frameworks and/or allow test/unit users to take advantage of the expectation API.
* Applied [#5620] support any boolean method and arbitrary comparisons (5.should_be < 6) (Patch from Mike Williams)
=== Version 0.6.3
This release fixes some minor bugs related to RSpec on Rails
Note that if you upgrade a rails app with this version of the rspec_on_rails plugin
you should remove your lib/tasks/rspec.rake if it exists.
* Backtraces from drb (and other standard ruby libraries) are now stripped from backtraces.
* Applied [#5557] Put rspec.rake into the task directory of the RSpec on Rails plugin (Patch from Daniel Siemssen)
* Applied [#5556] rails_spec_server loads environment.rb twice (Patch from Daniel Siemssen)
=== Version 0.6.2
This release fixes a couple of regressions with the rake task that were introduced in the previous version (0.6.1)
* Fixed [#5518] ruby -w: warnings in 0.6.1
* Applied [#5525] fix rake task path to spec tool for gem-installed rspec (patch from Riley Lynch)
* Fixed a teensey regression with the rake task - introduced in 0.6.1. The spec command is now quoted so it works on windows.
=== Version 0.6.1
This is the "fix the most annoying bugs release" of RSpec. There are 9 bugfixes this time.
Things that may break backwards compatibility:
1) Spec::Rake::SpecTask no longer has the options attribute. Use ruby_opts, spec_opts and rcov_opts instead.
* Fixed [#4891] RCOV task failing on windows
* Fixed [#4896] Shouldn't modify user's $LOAD_PATH (Tip from Gavin Sinclair)
* Fixed [#5369] ruby -w: warnings in RSpec 0.5.16 (Tip from Suraj Kurapati)
* Applied [#5141] ExampleMatcher doesn't escape strings before matching (Patch from Nikolai Weibull).
* Fixed [#5224] Move 'require diff-lcs' from test_helper.rb to diff_test.rb (Tip from Chris Roos)
* Applied [#5449] Rake stats for specs (Patch from Nick Sieger)
* Applied [#5468, #5058] Fix spec runner to correctly run controller specs (Patch from Daniel Siemssen)
* Applied fixes to rails_spec_server to improve its ability to run several times. (Patch from Daniel Siemssen)
* Changed RCov::VerifyTask to fail if the coverage is above the threshold. This is to ensure it gets bumped when coverage improves.
=== Version 0.6.0
This release makes an official commitment to underscore_syntax (with no more support for dot.syntax)
* Fixed bug (5292) that caused mock argument matching to fail
* Converted ALL tests to use underscore syntax
* Fixed all remaining problems with underscores revealed by converting all the tests to underscores
* Enhanced sugar to support combinations of methods (i.e. once.and_return)
* Simplified helper structure taking advantage of dot/underscore combos (i.e., which can be expressed as should be_an_instance_of)
* Added support for at_most in mocks
* Added support for should_not_receive(:msg) (will be removing should_receive(:msg).never some time soon)
* Added support for should_have_exactly(5).items_in_collection
=== Version 0.5.16
This release improves Rails support and test2spec translation.
* Fixed underscore problems that occurred when RSpec was used in Rails
* Simplified the Rails support by packaging it as a plugin instead of a generator gem.
* Fixed [#5063] 'rspec_on_rails' require line in spec_helper.rb
* Added pre_commit rake task to reduce risk of regressions. Useful for RSpec developers and patchers.
* Added failure_message to RSpec Rake task
* test2spec now defines converted helper methods outside of the setup block (bug #5057).
=== Version 0.5.15
This release removes a prematurely added feature that shouldn't have been added.
* Removed support for differences that was added in 0.5.14. The functionality is not aligned with RSpec's vision.
=== Version 0.5.14
This release introduces better ways to extend specs, improves some of the core API and
a experimental support for faster rails specs.
* Added proc methods for specifying differences (increments and decrements). See difference_test.rb
* Methods can now be defined alongside specs. This obsoletes the need for defining methods in setup. (Patch #5002 from Brian Takita)
* Sugar (underscores) now works correctly with should be_a_kind_of and should be_an_instance_of
* Added support for include and inherit in contexts. (Patch #4971 from Brian Takita)
* Added rails_spec and rails_spec_server for faster specs on rails (still buggy - help needed)
* Fixed bug that caused should_render to break if given a :symbol (in Rails)
* Added support for comparing exception message in should_raise and should_not_raise
=== Version 0.5.13
This release fixes some subtle bugs in the mock API.
* Use fully-qualified class name of Exceptions in failure message. Easier to debug that way.
* Fixed a bug that caused mocks to yield a one-element array (rather than the element) when one yield arg specified.
* Mocks not raise AmbiguousReturnError if an explicit return is used at the same time as an expectation block.
* Blocks passed to yielding mocks can now raise without causing mock verification to fail.
=== Version 0.5.12
This release adds diff support for failure messages, a HTML formatter plus some other
minor enhancements.
* Added HTML formatter.
* Added fail_on_error option to spectask.
* Added support for diffing, using the diff-lcs Rubygem (#2648).
* Remove RSpec on Rails files from backtrace (#4694).
* All of RSpec's own tests run successfully after translation with test2spec.
* Added --verbose mode for test2spec - useful for debugging when classes fail to translate.
* Output of various formatters is now flushed - to get more continuous output.
=== Version 0.5.11
This release makes test2spec usable with Rails (with some manual steps).
See for more details
* test2spec now correctly translates bodies of helper methods (non- test_*, setup and teardown ones).
* Added more documentation about how to get test2spec to work with Rails.
=== Version 0.5.10
This version features a second rewrite of test2spec - hopefully better than the previous one.
* Improved test2spec's internals. It now transforms the syntax tree before writing out the code.
=== Version 0.5.9
This release improves test2spec by allowing more control over the output
* Added --template option to test2spec, which allows for custom output driven by ERB
* Added --quiet option to test2spec
* Removed unnecessary dependency on RubyToC
=== Version 0.5.8
This release features a new Test::Unit to RSpec translation tool.
Also note that the RubyGem of the previous release (0.5.7) was corrupt.
We're close to being able to translate all of RSpec's own Test::Unit
tests and have them run successfully!
* Updated test2spec documentation.
* Replaced old test2rspec with a new test2spec, which is based on ParseTree and RubyInline.
=== Version 0.5.7
This release changes examples and documentation to recommend underscores rather than dots,
and addresses some bugfixes and changes to the spec commandline.
* spec DIR now works correctly, recursing down and slurping all *.rb files
* All documentation and examples are now using '_' instead of '.'
* Custom external formatters can now be specified via --require and --format.
=== Version 0.5.6
This release fixes a bug in the Rails controller generator
* The controller generator did not write correct source code (missing 'do'). Fixed.
=== Version 0.5.5
This release adds initial support for Ruby on Rails in the rspec_generator gem.
* [Rails] Reorganised Lachie's original code to be a generator packaged as a gem rather than a plugin.
* [Rails] Imported code from (Written by Lachie Cox)
* Remove stack trace lines from TextMate's Ruby bundle
* Better error message from spectask when no spec files are found.
=== Version 0.5.4
The "the tutorial is ahead of the gem" release
* Support for running a single spec with --spec
* Exitcode is now 1 unless all specs pass, in which case it's 0.
* -v, --version now both mean the same thing
* For what was verbose output (-v), use --format specdoc or -f s
* --format rdoc always runs in dry-run mode
* Removed --doc and added --format and --dry-run
* Refactored towards more pluggable formatters
* Use webgen's execute tag when generating website (more accurate)
* Fixed incorrect quoting of spec_opts in SpecTask
* Added patch to enable underscored shoulds like 1.should_equal(1) - patch from Rich Kilmer
* Removed most inherited instance method from Mock, making more methods mockable.
* Made the RCovVerify task part of the standard toolset.
* Documented Rake task and how to use it with Rcov
* Implemented <ruby></ruby> tags for website (hooking into ERB, RedCloth and syntax)
* RSpec Rake task now takes spec_opts and out params so it can be used for doc generation
* RCov integration for RSpec Rake task (#4058)
* Group all results instead of printing them several times (#4057)
* Mocks can now yield
* Various improvements to error reporting (including #4191)
* backtrace excludes rspec code - use -b to include it
* split examples into examples (passing) and failing_examples
=== Version 0.5.3
The "hurry up, CoR is in two days" release.
* Don't run rcov by default
* Make separate task for running tests with RCov
* Added Rake task to fail build if coverage drops below a certain threshold
* Even more failure output cleanup (simplification)
* Added duck_type constraint for mocks
=== Version 0.5.2
This release has minor improvements to the commandline and fixes some gem warnings
* Readded README to avoid RDoc warnings
* Added --version switch to commandline
* More changes to the mock API
=== Version 0.5.1
This release is the first release of RSpec with a new website. It will look better soon.
* Added initial documentation for API
* Added website based on webgen
* Modified test task to use rcov
* Deleted unused code (thanks, rcov!)
* Various changes to the mock API,
* Various improvements to failure reporting
=== Version 0.5.0
This release introduces a new API and obsolesces previous versions.
* Moved source code to separate subfolders
* Added new DSL runner based on instance_exec
* Added spike for testdox/rdoc generation
* merge Astels' and Chelimsky's work on ShouldHelper
* this would be 0.5.0 if I updated the documentation
* it breaks all of your existing specifications. We're not sorry.
=== Version 0.3.2
The "srbaker is an idiot" release.
* also forgot to update the path to the actual Subversion repository
* this should be it
=== Version 0.3.1
This is just 0.3.0, but with the TUTORIAL added to the documentation list.
* forgot to include TUTORIAL in the documentation
=== Version 0.3.0
It's been a while since last release, lots of new stuff is available. For instance:
* improvements to the runners
* addition of should_raise expectation (thanks to Brian Takita)
* some documentation improvements
* RSpec usable as a DSL
=== Version 0.2.0
This release provides a tutorial for new users wishing to get started with
RSpec, and many improvements.
* improved reporting in the spec runner output
* update the examples to the new mock api
* added TUTORIAL, a getting started document for new users of RSpec
=== Version 0.1.7
This release improves installation and documentation, mock integration and error reporting.
* Comparison errors now print the class name too.
* Mocks now take an optional +options+ parameter to specify behaviour.
* Removed __expects in favour of should_receive
* Added line number reporting in mock error messages for unreceived message expectations.
* Added should_match and should_not_match.
* Added a +mock+ method to Spec::Context which will create mocks that autoverify (no need to call __verify).
* Mocks now require names in the constructor to ensure sensible error messages.
* Made 'spec' executable and updated usage instructions in README accordingly.
* Made more parts of the Spec::Context API private to avoid accidental usage.
* Added more RDoc to Spec::Context.
=== Version 0.1.6
More should methods.
* Added should_match and should_not_match.
=== Version 0.1.5
Included examples and tests in gem.
=== Version 0.1.4
More tests on block based Mock expectations.
=== Version 0.1.3
Improved mocking:
* block based Mock expectations.
=== Version 0.1.2
This release adds some improvements to the mock API and minor syntax improvements
* Added Mock.should_expect for a more consistent DSL.
* Added MockExpectation.and_returns for a better DSL.
* Made Mock behave as a null object after a call to Mock.ignore_missing
* Internal syntax improvements.
* Improved exception trace by adding exception class name to error message.
* Renamed some tests for better consistency.
=== Version 0.1.1
This release adds some shoulds and improves error reporting
* Added should be_same_as and should_not be_same_as.
* Improved error reporting for comparison expectations.
=== Version 0.1.0
This is the first preview release of RSpec, a Behaviour-Driven Development library for Ruby
* Added Rake script with tasks for gems, rdoc etc.
* Added an XForge task to make release go easier.