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updated tfidf script to use better tokenizer

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1 parent f7684fc commit 6f515be73f1165b5d19bd550daf80bae80bc5261 @thedatachef committed Apr 26, 2011
2 scripts/document_clustering/README.textile
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ h3. TFIDF
First we need to run tf-idf over our documents to vectorize them. It is assumed that your documents are tab-separated where the first field is the document id and the second field is the document text that contains *no* newlines.
-pig -p DOCS=/path/to/my_docs -p TFIDF=/path/to/output tfidf.pig
+pig -p DOCS=/path/to/my_docs -p NDOCS=<num_docs> -p TFIDF=/path/to/output tfidf.pig
h3. K Centers
10 scripts/document_clustering/tfidf.pig
@@ -1,13 +1,11 @@
--- Define a wukong tokenization script for breaking the raw text data into tokens
-DEFINE tokenize_docs `ruby tokenize_documents.rb --id_field=0 --text_field=1 --map` SHIP('tokenize_documents.rb');
+register '../../target/varaha-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar'; -- yikes, just autoregister this in the runner
+register '../../lib/lucene-core-3.1.0.jar';
-- Load and tokenize the raw documents
raw_documents = LOAD '$DOCS' AS (doc_id:chararray, text:chararray);
-tokenized = STREAM raw_documents THROUGH tokenize_docs AS (doc_id:chararray, token:chararray);
+tokenized = FOREACH raw_documents GENERATE doc_id AS doc_id, FLATTEN(varaha.text.TokenizeText(text)) AS (token:chararray);
-- Count the number of times each (doc_id,token) pair occurs. (term counts)
@@ -60,6 +58,6 @@ tfidf_all = FOREACH token_usages {
-- Finally generate term vectors for later processing
grouped = GROUP tfidf_all BY doc_id;
-vectors = FOREACH grouped GENERATE group AS doc_id, tfidf_all.(token, weight) AS vector;
+vectors = FOREACH grouped GENERATE group AS doc_id, tfidf_all.(token, tf_idf) AS vector;
STORE vectors INTO '$TFIDF';
114 scripts/document_clustering/tokenize_documents.rb
@@ -1,114 +0,0 @@
-#!/usr/bin/env ruby
-# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
-require 'rubygems'
-require 'wukong'
-require 'wukong/encoding'
-require 'configliere' ; Configliere.use(:commandline, :env_var, :define)
-require 'set'
-Settings.define :id_field, :type => Integer, :default => 0, :required => true, :description => "What field to use as the document id. (-1) to assign ids"
-Settings.define :text_field, :type => Integer, :default => 1, :required => true, :description => "Which field is the text field?"
-a about above across after again against all almost alone along already also
-although always among an and another any anybody anyone anything anywhere apos
-are area areas around as ask asked asking asks at away
-back backed backing backs be became because become becomes been before began
-behind being beings best better between big both but by
-came can cannot case cases certain certainly clear clearly come could
-did differ different differently do does done down down downed downing downs
-each early either end ended ending ends enough even evenly ever every everybody
-everyone everything everywhere
-face faces fact facts far felt few find finds first for four from full fully
-further furthered furthering furthers
-gave general generally get gets give given gives go going good goods got great
-greater greatest group grouped grouping groups
-had has have having he her here herself high high high higher highest him
-himself his how however i if important in interest interested interesting
-interests into is it its it's itself
-keep keeps kind knew know known knows
-large largely last later latest least less let lets like likely long longer
-made make making man many may me member members men might more most mostly mr
-mrs much must my myself
-nbsp necessary need needed needing needs never new new newer newest next no
-nobody non noone not nothing now nowhere number numbers
-of off often old older oldest on once one only open opened opening opens or
-order ordered ordering orders other others our out over
-part parted parting parts per perhaps place places point pointed pointing points
-possible present presented presenting presents problem problems put puts
-quite quot
-rather really right right room rooms
-said same saw say says second seconds see seem seemed seeming seems sees several
-shall she should show showed showing shows side sides since small smaller
-smallest so some somebody someone something somewhere state states still still
-such sure
-take taken than that the their them then there therefore these they thing things
-think thinks this those though thought thoughts three through thus to today
-together too took toward turn turned turning turns two
-under until up upon us use used uses
-want wanted wanting wants was way ways we well wells went were what when where
-whether which while who whole whose why will with within without work worked
-working works would
-year years yet you young younger youngest your yours
-class GeneralTextTokenizer < Wukong::Streamer::RecordStreamer
- def tokenize text
- return [] if text.blank?
- text = text.gsub(%r{[^[:alpha:]\w\']+}, " ")
- text.gsub!(%r{([[:alpha:]\w])\'([st])}, '\1!\2')
- text.gsub!(%r{[\s\']}, " ")
- text.gsub!(%r{!}, "'")
- # words = text.strip.wukong_encode.split(/\s+/)
- words = text.strip.split(/\s+/)
- words.reject!{|w| w.blank? || (w.length < 3) }
- words
- end
- def tokenize_text_chunk text_chunk
- return [] if text_chunk.blank?
- text_chunk = text_chunk.wukong_decode.downcase
- tokenize(text_chunk.strip)
- end
- def process *args
- tokenize_text_chunk(args[Settings.text_field]).each do |token|
- yield [document_id(args), token] unless STOPWORDS.include?(token)
- end
- end
- def document_id fields
- fields[Settings.id_field] unless Settings.id_field == -1
- end
-, nil).run

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