A set of example pipelines for Datahub-Factory
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This repository contains several example pipeline configurations for the Datahub::Factory application. You could use them as a boilerplate to create your own pipelines


A pipeline is a connection between two system used to exchange records. A pipeline has three functions:

  • Fetch data from a source
  • Transform the data. This entails manipulating the structure of the data as well as the format in which the data will be delivered to a destination.
  • Push transformed data to a destination.

Pipeline configuration

The definition of a pipeline is contained in a configuration file. These configuration files are based on the Config::Simple syntax. A configuration file roughly defines these three 'plugin' types and their associated configuration in distinct blocks:

  • Importer. Defines the source of the data and how to fetch it.
  • Fixer. Defines the Catmandu::Fix logic that will transform the data
  • Exporter. Defines how the destination for the data and how it can be accessed it.

Note that each plugin instance needs to be referenced explicitely in a global plugin block. Each instance gets it's own dedicated plugin definition.

A very minimal configuration would look like this:

plugin = OAI

endpoint = https://example/oai
metadata_prefix = oai_lido
handler = My::Handler

plugin = Fix

file_name = '/Users/matthiasvandermaesen/Workspace/Datahub-Fixes/msk_oai_adlib.fix'
id_path = 'lidoRecID.0._'

plugin = Datahub

datahub_url = http://datahub.box
datahub_format = LIDO
oauth_client_id = slightlylesssecretpublicid
oauth_client_secret = supersecretsecretphrase
oauth_username = admin
oauth_password = datahub


The pipeline also accept Fixer "conditions". Since a collection can contain multiple sets of records that require different transformation processing, "conditions" allow you to determine which Fix will be applied to a given record based on a conditional statement.

A condition would look like this:

plugin = Fix

condition = "_metadata.institution\\.name.value"
fixers = Foo, Bar
id_path = 'lidoRecID.0._'

condition = 'Museum of Foo'
file_name = '/home/foobar/fixes/foo.fix'

condition = 'Museum of Bar'
file_name = '/home/foobar/fixes/bar.fix'


Datahub::Factory is an application based on Catmandu. As such, pipeline configurations are based on Catmandu concepts and terminology.


Pieter De Praetere pieter@packed.be Matthias Vandermaesen matthias.vandermaesen@vlaamsekunstcollectie.be


Copyright 2016 - PACKED vzw, Vlaamse Kunstcollectie vzw


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GPLv3.