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My IronScripter Challenge Solutions

Welcome to the repo where I keep my solutions to as many of the IronScripter Challenges that I can complete.

Let the PowerShell Challenges Begin

Iron Scripter grew out of the scripting games at PowerShell Summit. The quote below comes from the introductory post on the Iron Scripter site.

The Chairman has decided that it is in the best interests of his Iron Scripters, and those that wish to attain that valued designation, that training continue year-round. To that end, he has commissioned a series of PowerShell challenges. These challenges will range in complexity and be tagged accordingly.

— Iron Scripter, Let The PowerShell Challenges Begin, June 7, 2019

Navigating This Repo

Each challenge will be included a separate folder named for the date. Please note that some challenges will be links to my solution gists.

For some challenges, I've written solution walk-throughs on my blog. Links to these articles are included.

IronScripter Challenges

Date Name Solution
2021-02-09 Another PowerShell Math Challenge Gist
2021-01-20 A Memory Reporting Challenge
2021-01-05 A PowerShell Conversion Challenge Articles
2020-12-03 A CIM-ple PowerShell Challenge
2020-11-16 A PowerShell Linking Challenge
2020-10-29 A Registered PowerShell Challenge
2020-10-07 A Wide Open PowerShell Challenge
2020-09-15 A PowerShell Session Challenge
2020-08-31 PowerShell Back-to-School Scripting Challenge Solution
2020-08-13 Infrastructure Testing Challenge for PowerShell
2020-07-20 A PowerShell Nonsense Challenge Solution
2020-06-60 Building a PowerShell Process Tree
2020-06-16 Text Me – A PowerShell Dialer Challenge
2020-06-09 Building a PowerShell Command Inventory Articles
2020-05-26 A PowerShell Object Age Challenge
2020-05-11 A PowerShell Counting Challenge Article
2020-04-30 A PowerShell Word Play Challenge
2020-04-27 Building a Network Usage PowerShell Monitor
2020-04-14 Pestering for a PowerShell Challenge
2019-12-17 A PowerShell Challenge for Challenges Gist
2019-11-27 Are You Listening to Me
2019-11-15 A Beginner PowerShell Function Challenge Gist
2019-10-30 Raise the Dead with this PowerShell Challenge
2019-10-08 A PowerShell Cross-Platform Challenge Gist
2019-08-19 A Windows Feature PowerShell Challenge
2019-07-31 Building More PowerShell
2019-07-19 A PowerShell Scripting Challenge for Everyone
2019-07-15 PowerShell Beginners Have to Start Somewhere Article
2019-06-28 A PowerShell Cryptogram Gist


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