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  • Fix form POSTs to only use multipart for file uploads, otherwise use application/x-www-form-urlencoded [dbalatero]


  • Code duplication in Typhoeus::Form led to nested URL param errors on POST only. Fixed [dbalatero]


  • Fixed a problem with nested URL params encoding incorrectly [dbalatero]


  • Added extended proxy support [Zapotek, GH-46]
  • eliminated compile time warnings by using proper type declarations [skaes, GH-54]
  • fixed broken calls to rb_raise [skaes, GH-54]
  • prevent leaking of curl easy handles when exceptions are raised (either from typhoeus itself or user callbacks) [skaes, GH-54]
  • fixed Easy#timed_out? using curl return codes [skaes, GH-54]
  • provide curl return codes and corresponding curl error messages on classes Easy and Request [skaes, GH-54]
  • allow VCR to whitelist hosts in Typhoeus stubbing/mocking [myronmarston, GH-57]
  • added timed_out? documentation, method to Response [dbalatero, GH-34]
  • added abort to Hydra to prematurely stop a [Zapotek]
  • added file upload support for POST requests [jtarchie, GH-59]


  • Fix warning in Request#headers from attr_accessor
  • Params with array values were not parsing into the format that rack expects [GH-39, smartocci]
  • Removed Rack as a dependency [GH-45]
  • Added integration hooks for VCR!


  • Fixed bug in setting compression encoding [morhekil]
  • Exposed authentication control methods through Request interface [morhekil]


  • Exposed CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT_MS to Requests [balexis]


  • Fixed a memory corruption with using CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS [gravis, 32531d0821aecc4]


  • Added SSL cert options for Typhoeus::Easy [GH-25, gravis]
  • Ported SSL cert options to Typhoeus::Request interface [gravis]
  • Added support for any HTTP method (purge for Varnish) [ryana]


  • Added rack as dependency, added dev dependencies to Rakefile [GH-21]