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Validating specific values without changing the object #55

berzniz opened this Issue Jun 26, 2012 · 3 comments

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berzniz commented Jun 26, 2012

I'd like to be able to check if a value can be set to an attribute without actually setting the attribute.

Example usage:
When a user fills a form, I want to check (on each key press) if the input is valid - without changing the model. The model should change when the input's change event happens (on blur).

To allow for this I added the following code to the mixin object:

validateValue: function(value, attr) {
  return validateAttr(this, this.validation, attr, value, this.toJSON());

and now I can call it like this:

myModel.validateValue('', 'website');

Do you think such a method would be useful for more users of the backbone.validation lib?


I like it!

I will swap the order of the parameters you suggested to be more in line with Backbone, and I think I would rename the method to preValidate(attr, value)

berzniz commented Jul 16, 2012


You're doing a great job with backbone.validation, it really helps me a lot.


Thanks for the kind words! A new version will hopefully be up in just a few days.

@thedersen thedersen added a commit that closed this issue Jul 19, 2012
@thedersen Added preValidate(attr, value) that can be used to preview if a value…
… is valid or not. Returns error message when not valid, otherwise nothing. Closes #55
@thedersen thedersen closed this in 503b74a Jul 19, 2012
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