Minimal version of bindery.js, to develop Web -> Print content workflow.
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Old Bindery Stuff

Baby Bindery

BabyBindery is a collection of HTML layouts, includes, CSS files, and JS files that are designed to live in a Jekyll repository.

We have print.html and print_twocol.html layouts that use Fremy CSS Regions Polyfill to pour the information in your Jekyll Posts collection into a one- or two-column book.

If you’re confident with CSS and know something about Liquid and Jekyll, it is simple to extend how Babybindery can be used, or trim it down to the bare essentials. We have done our best to apply minimal and extensible styling, so changes stay tidy.


BabyBindery came out of for / with / in, a RISD Graphic Design course taught by John Caserta in 2014. Evan Brooks made a far more elaborate web-to-print tool called Bindery.js on which BabyBindery is based. BabyBindery is an updated and hopefully slightly more stable version. BabyBindery was commissioned by the Design Office and was designed and programmed by Lukas WinklerPrins and Catherine Leigh Schmidt.

Keep in mind: The Dark Side of Polyfilling CSS.


BabyBindery is licensed under the MIT License and is free to use & modify.