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This repository contains the "Aspect" game project for the YouTube show the_dev_aspect written in F#.

Episode Branches

The code for each part of the F# series is stored in branches of this repo. For each part I include branches for the initial and final states of the code. Here is the current list of branches for each part of the show:

Cloning the Code

You have two options for cloning the code for an episode:

1. Clone the repo and branch directly

git clone -b part-N-initial

2. Clone the repo and then switch to a branch

git clone ps://
cd aspect-fsharp
git checkout part-N-initial

If you've already cloned the repository when watching a prior episode, you should just be able to use these commands to get the code for the new episode:

git pull origin
git checkout part-N-initial

Don't forget to replace the N in part-N-initial with the part number of the episode!

I recommend approach #2 because it will allow you to reuse the repository for downloading the code of future episodes.

Recommended Code Editor

In the show I use the Visual Studio Code editor with the Ionide-fsharp extension to do interactive development.

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Run current line of code: Alt + /
  • Run current selection of code: Alt + Enter
  • Show VS Code's command palette: Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P or F1

VS Code's command palette contains a ton of commands that are helpful while editing F# code. Try typing FSI or F# in the command palette to see relevant commands.

Questions or Feedback?

Please feel free to leave a comment on YouTube or tweet @daviwil if you have any trouble downloading or using this code!


This code is licensed under the MIT License so feel free to use it in your own projects!


The "Aspect" game project written in F#




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