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About Genesis

Genesis is a Laravel Starter Kit that utilizes the TALL Stack as well as single-file Volt and Folio files. This starter kit contains Authentication, User Dashboard, Edit Profile, and a set of UI Components.

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It will be beneficial to have a good understanding of the following technologies (which Genesis is built upon):

Learn how to install and configure Genesis below.


This preset is intended to be installed into a fresh Laravel application.

After creating a new Laravel application you can install Genesis with the following commands:

composer require devdojo/genesis dev-main
php artisan ui genesis
npm install
npm run dev

Finally, you'll want to connect a database inside of your application .env file and run the following migrations:

php artisan migrate

Visit your application homepage and you should be good to go 🀘

Routes in your application

Currently Genesis creates 11 routes including the homepage, authentication, dashboard view, and a few others. You can see all the routes currently in your application by using the php artisan folio:list command:

  GET       / ................................................ index.blade.php
  GET       /about ........................................... about.blade.php
  GET       /auth/login ................................. auth/login.blade.php
  GET       /auth/password/confirm ........... auth/password/confirm.blade.php
  GET       /auth/password/reset ............... auth/password/reset.blade.php
  GET       /auth/password/{token} ........... auth/password/[token].blade.php
  GET       /auth/register ........................... auth/register.blade.php
  GET       /auth/verify ............................... auth/verify.blade.php
  GET       /dashboard ............................. dashboard/index.blade.php
  GET       /learn ..................................... learn/index.blade.php
  GET       /profile/edit ............................. profile/edit.blade.php

                                                           Showing [11] routes

Let's cover each of the pages provided by Genesis.

Home Page

The homepage (screenshot shown above πŸ‘†) is located at resources/views/pages/index.blade.php. This file as well as all the other pages are utilizing Page-based routing thanks to Folio.

This file contains a middleware redirect-to-dashboard which is registered at the top of the file:


This will redirect an authenticated user to the dashboard when they try and visit the homepage. You can simply remove this line if you do not wish to redirect the authenticated user.

About Page

This is a simple about page that you can feel free to remove or use in your application. This page also contains the ui/marketing/breadcrumbs.blade.php component which can also be used on any other marketing page.

Authentication Pages

All the authentication files are located inside of the resources/views/pages/auth folder. These files are mapped to routes thanks to Folio. Here are the current authentication routes:

  1. login.blade.php
  2. register.blade.php
  3. verify.blade.php
  4. password/confirm.blade.php
  5. password/reset.blade.php
  6. password/[token].blade.php

Dashboard Page

The dashboard page is very minimal which makes it very easy for you to customize. You'll notice that this page has the following middleware:

middleware(['auth', 'verified']);

You will probably want to add this middleware to many of your application pages where you want to make sure that the user is authenticated and verified.

Edit Profile Page

The edit profile page is located at resources/views/profile/edit, and it can also be loaded by visiting This file contains the same middleware as the dashboard page, which means that users must be authenticated and verified before visiting.

This page has three different sections

  1. Update profile section where users can update the name and email in their profile.
  2. Update password section where users can update their password.
  3. Delete profile section where users can delete their profile.

To learn more about this file, visit the documentation in the Wiki here.

Learn Page

This page displays the Genesis Readme file. It simply fetches the file that you are reading right now and displays it in the dashboard.


Within Genesis there are three layouts, located inside of resources/views/components/layouts:

  1. app.blade.php - This is the layout for any pages inside associated with your application (user must be authenticated)
  2. marketing.blade.php - This is the layout used for pages like your homepage, blog, and any other marketing pages.
  3. main.blade.php - This is the layout that contains the main HTML structure of your website. Both the app and marketing template inherit from this main template.

You can use these layouts as follows:

<!-- App Layout -->
    <!-- content here... -->

<!-- Marketing Layout -->
    <!-- content here... -->

<!-- Main Layout -->
    <!-- content here... -->

There may be times when you want to use the Main Layout for a page. These might be use-cases where you don't need the app or marketing header/footer content. For instance, the auth pages inherit the main layout

UI Components

We are also providing a handful of Blade Components that you can use in your new application which are located inside of resources/views/components/ui. These components include:

  • button
  • checkbox
  • input
  • light-dark-switch
  • link
  • logo
  • modal
  • nav-link
  • placeholder
  • text-link

There are also two folders inside the UI components which include app and marketing. Each of which correspond to the available app and marketing layout. Here are the components available in those folders:

-- app.header -- marketing.header -- marketing.breadcrumbs

All these components are pretty self-explanatory; however, you may want to look into how each one works so that way you can get the most out of it.

Updating the logo throughout your application is as easy as updating the logo.blade.php component with your logo SVG or image.


Genesis has some basic tests to test out the authentication functionality. You can check those tests by running the following command:


Every test inside the tests/Feature folder has a test file that corresponds to each page in the resources/views/pages folder.


There may be times where you'll see Line numbers printed out in the view causing a weird layout and output. You'll want to run php artisan view:clear. This is probably due to the fact that Folio and Volt are still in Beta πŸ˜‰

NPM errors

If you are seeing an error on http://localhost:5173 try:

npm upgrade 

Laravel installer issues.

APP_URL will be set differently according to how you install laravel. Some might use the laravel installer some may use composer. Vite will is serving on http://localhost:5173 while other parts of the app are using http://[::1]:5173.

For best results try this:

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel genesis-app

then change your APP_URL in your .env:


then start the npm server and laravel servers:

npm run dev
php artisan serve



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


An Application Starter Kit - Built with Laravel Folio and Volt







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