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Voyager Themes

This is a theme hook for voyager and the hook system

Voyager Themes Admin Page

Installing the hook

You can use the artisan command below to install this hook

php artisan hook:install voyager-themes

Adding Themes

The voyager-themes hook will look inside of the resources/themes folder for any folder that has a .json file inside of it with the same name. (You can change the theme folder location in the config)

As an example if you have a folder called sample-theme and inside that folder you have another file called sample-theme.json with the following contents:

    "name": "Sample Theme",
    "version": "1.0"

Voyager Themes will detect this as a new theme. You can also include a sample screenshot of your theme, which would be sample-theme.jpg (800x500px) for best results

In fact, you can checkout the sample-theme repo here:

You can activate this theme inside of Voyager and then when you want to tell your application which view to load you can use:

return view('theme::welcome')

This will then look in the current active theme folder for a new view called welcome.blade.php :D

Theme Configs

You may choose to publish a config to your project by running:

php artisan vendor:publish

You will want to publish the voyager-themes-config, and you will now see a new config located at config/themes.php, which will look like the following:


return [

    'themes_folder' => resource_path('views/themes'),
    'publish_assets' => true


Now, you can choose an alternate location for your themes folder. By default this will be put into the resources/views folder; however, you can change that to any location you would like.

Additionally, you can set publish_assets to true or false, if it is set to true anytime the themes directory is scanned it will publish the assets folder in your theme to the public folder inside a new themes folder. Set this to false and this will no longer happen.

Theme Options

You can also easily add a number of options by including another file in the theme folder called options.blade.php

Voyager Theme Options Page

Inside the options.blade.php file you can now add a new field as simple as:

{!! theme_field('text', 'title') !!}

This will now add a new text field and store it with a key of title. So, now if you wanted to reference this value anywhere in your theme files you can simple echo it out like so:

{{ theme('title') }}

Couldn't be easier, right!

Take a look at all the following explanation of the theme_field function.

The theme_field() function

The theme_field() function can be used to display fields in our theme options page. Take a look at the function DEFINITION, EXAMPLE, EXPLANATION, and TYPES OF FIELDS below:


    $title = '',
    $content = '', 
    $details = '', 
    $placeholder = '', 
    $required = 1)

EXAMPLE of a textbox asking for headline:

{!! theme_field(
        'My Aweseome Headline', 
        'Add your Headline here', 

Only the first 2 are arguments are required

{!! theme_field('text', 'headline') !!}


    This is the type of field you want to display, you can
    take a look at all the fields from the TYPES OF FIELDS
    section below.
    This is the key you want to create to reference the
    field in your theme.
    This is the title or the label above the field
    The current contents or value of the field, if the field
    has already been created in the db, the value in the
    database will be used instead
    The details of the field in JSON. You can find more 
    info about the details from the following URL:
    The placeholder value of the field
    Whether or not this field is required


checkbox, color, date, file, image, multiple_images,
number, password, radio_btn, rich_text_box, code_editor,
markdown_editor, select_dropdown, select_multiple, text,
text_area, timestamp, hidden, coordinates