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Magento 2 on OpenShift

This git repository deploys a Magento 2 store on OpenShift.

An empty database is populated, and the application is configured automagically.

Running on OpenShift

Create an account at http://www.openshift.com/

Get a Magento API key pair

Create a new OpenShift app with NGINX as web server (you can call your application whatever you want), write down your Git Remote SSH url.

rhc create-app $myapp http://cartreflect-claytondev.rhcloud.com/github/boekkooi/openshift-cartridge-nginx API_KEY=123 API_SECRET=123

Install PHP 5.6 cartridge into the app

rhc cartridge add -a $myapp http://cartreflect-claytondev.rhcloud.com/github/boekkooi/openshift-cartridge-php

Install mysql-5.5 cartridge into the app

rhc cartridge add -a $myapp mysql-5.5

Clone this repository and push it to your app, we will take care of everything for you :)

git clone https://github.com/javilumbrales/magento2-openshift
cd magento2-openshift
git remote add $myapp YOUR_GIT_REMOTE_SSH_URL
git push $myapp master -f

That's it, you can now checkout your application at:


Default admin credentials: username admin password OpenShiftAdmin123.

Post-installation details

After the installation it is important to change the admin password and other Magento configurations properly. Log in to


using the provided credentials and check all system settings, for example:

  • System > My Account
  • System > Configuration > General > Countries Options
  • System > Configuration > General > Locale Options
  • System > Configuration > Admin
  • System > Configuration > System

For a detailed guide check our post How to install Magento 2 on OpenShift