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A simple Go package to Query over JSON Data. It provides simple, elegant and fast ODM like API to access, query JSON document


Install the package using

$ go get


To use the package import it in your *.go code

import ""

Let's see a quick example:

See in playground

package main

import gojsonq ""

func main() {
	const json = `{"name":{"first":"Tom","last":"Hanks"},"age":61}`
	name := gojsonq.New().FromString(json).Find("name.first")
	println(name.(string)) // Tom

Another example:

See in playground

package main

import (

	gojsonq ""

func main() {
	const json = `{"city":"dhaka","type":"weekly","temperatures":[30,39.9,35.4,33.5,31.6,33.2,30.7]}`
	avg := gojsonq.New().FromString(json).From("temperatures").Avg()
	fmt.Printf("Average temperature: %.2f", avg) // 33.471428571428575

You can query your document using the various query methods such as Find, First, Nth, Pluck, Where, OrWhere, WhereIn, WhereStartsWith, WhereEndsWith, WhereContains, Sort, GroupBy, SortBy and so on. Also you can aggregate data after query using Avg, Count, Max, Min, Sum etc.

Find more query API in Wiki page

Bugs and Issues

If you encounter any bugs or issues, feel free to open an issue at github.

Also, you can shoot me an email to for hugs or bugs.


Special thanks to Nahid Bin Azhar for the inspiration and guidance for the package. Thanks to Ahmed Shamim Hasan Shaon for his support from the very beginning.



If you are interested to make the package better please send pull requests or create an issue so that others can fix. Read the contribution guide here


The gojsonq is an open-source software licensed under the MIT License.