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AppreciateUI is the ideal tool for gathering inspiration when designing a mobile user interface. Screenshots from hundreds of apps all within the palm of your hand. Browse the latest designs added weekly, or view by category to find just the design to inspire your own creation. After you've found the right one, add it to your in-app collection for reference!

Screenshot 1  Screenshot 2  Screenshot 3  Screenshot 4  Screenshot 5 

Web Inteface

In addition to the native mobile application, a web inteface was created that mirrored the native app. The source is also public and can be found here: appreciateui-web.


The AppreicateUI application is released (hopefully correctly) under the Creative Commons NonComercial 3.0 License I'd like this project to be used to help individuals learning Xamarin's Monotouch framework to produce applications of their own. If there are any problems please contact me directly.


Follow the project on Twitter @AppreciateUIApp