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import utilities
class infosu(object):
def __getattribute__(self, name):
return object.__getattribute__(self,name)
except AttributeError:
if name == 'schedule':
return self.schedule
if name == 'transcript':
return self.transcript
if name == 'audit':
return self.audit
if name =='next_schedule':
return self.next_schedule
def __init__(self, sid, pin, lazy_load=True):
#Set up the your identification to be posted when you login
self.sid = sid #this is our student id number = pin #this is our student pin
self.login_number = 2 #this variable will be used when we are trying to login
self.login() #Set the setid cookie
successful_login = self.login()
#If our users credentials were not correct raise an exception to tell them
if not successful_login: raise Exception("Invalid credentials")
if not lazy_load:
self.get_current_schedule() #We retrieve our schedule
self.get_transcript() #We retrieve our transcript self.get_next_schedule()
def login(self):
return utilities.login(self.sid,
# This function fetches the transcript page and parses it
# It sets the classes transcript variable to the transcript class
def get_transcript(self):
self.transcript = utilities.get_transcript(self.sid,
# Function to set our schedule variable
def get_current_schedule(self):
# login again to make sure we can select a different term
self.schedule = utilities.get_schedule(self.sid,, False)
# get schedule for next term
def get_next_schedule(self):
# login again to make sure we can select a different term
self.next_schedule = utilities.get_schedule(self.sid,, True)
# This function searches for classes
# It can take a term as a parameter as well
def class_search(self, dep, num, term=''):
return utilities.class_search(dep, num, term)
# This function searches for classes that don't conflict with your
# current schedule
def class_search_schedule(self, dep, num):
return utilities.class_search_schedule(dep, num, self.schedule)
def make_schedule(self, list_of_classes, term = ''):
return utilities.make_schedule(list_of_classes, term, self.schedule)
def class_search_conflict(self, class1, class2):
return utilities.class_search_conflict(class1, class2)
# Helper function that will determine whether or not two times conflict
# Format of time is ['13:00', '13:50']
def time_conflict(self, time, time1):
return utilities.time_conflict(time, time1)
# Function that retrieves the mydegrees page
def get_major_requirements(self):
self.audit = utilities.get_major_requirements(self.sid,
# Function to add class to a schedule
def add_class(self, crn1, crn2=''):
return utilities.add_class(self.sid,, crn1, crn2, self.schedule)
# add multiple courses via list, lecture/lab-rec pairs list within the list
def add_classes(self, crn_list):
return utilities.add_classes(self.sid,, crn_list, self.schedule)
# drop a course
def drop_classes(self, crn_list, Next=False):
if Next:
return utilities.drop_classes(self.sid,, crn_list, self.next_schedule)
return utilities.drop_classes(self.sid,, crn_list, self.schedule)
def drop_all_classes(self):
crn_list = []
for course in self.schedule.current_classes:
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