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Subway is an IRC client/server combination.
The server supports multiple simultaneous users. The client is a modern
JavaScript-heavy web interface. Client/server communication is done with
-websockets (or best available fallback) via
+websockets (or best available fallback) via If the the user is
+logged in the client will stay persistant and log the channel why the user is
+The inspiration from this project was trying to watch a fellow programmer try
+to explain how to set up screen/irssi to a non-technical person.
Subway is built with [node.js]( and
Martyn Smith's [node-irc]( on the backend,
and [Backbone.js]( and
[jQuery]( on the frontend.
-**[Try Subway on Nodester](**
**[Try Subway on RideZap](**
*Should be something like this, once implemented:*
-1. Assuming you already have node.js & npm, run:
+1. Assuming you already have node.js, npm, and mongo, run:
$ npm install -g subway
2. Launch the web server
$ node bin/subway
-3. Point your browser at `http://localhost:8337/`
+3. Point your browser at `http://localhost:3000/`

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