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-*(Note: this is aspirational. Not implemented yet!)*
+Subway is an IRC client/server combination.
+The server supports multiple simultaneous users. The client is a modern
+JavaScript-heavy web interface. Client/server communication is done with
+websockets (or best available fallback) via
-Subway is an IRC client/server combination. The server works for multiple simultaneous users, with optional persistent connections and logging. The client is a modern JavaScript-heavy web interface. Server/client communication is done with websockets (or best available fallback) via
-Subway utilizes [node.js]( and
+Subway is built with [node.js]( and
Martyn Smith's [node-irc]( on the backend,
and [Backbone.js]( and
[jQuery]( on the frontend.
-Nothing works yet. Functionality to come shortly. If you'd like to contribute,
-there is plenty to do. Tickets for needed functionality also to come shortly.
@@ -32,6 +27,7 @@ Installation
3. Point your browser at `http://localhost:8337/`
@@ -46,6 +42,7 @@ Replace step 1 above with this:
this should install dependencies, and link the git checkout to your global
node_modules directory.

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