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It would be cool to have an actively maintained demo installation for people to try out (like the old one, see #130).

This will also show that the app is dogfoodable. It could just run off Nodejitsu.



thedjpetersen commented Oct 18, 2012

At this point it would take some kind spirit to host it. I don't have the resources personally to keep a demo running. Nodejitsu doesn't have an unlimited free plan. Heroku might be a good option for this as well.

I'm trying to set up an installation on heroku and mongohq here:
I have the source code here:

It seems to flash the menu for a second, then go straight to the status screen. Perhaps there are problems connecting to the database? Any ideas? I've tested using subway with my mongohq database locally, and it worked fine.


thedjpetersen commented Jan 4, 2013

This looks good - I am not sure what the error is for setup though :/

Not seeing anything in the logs, and I'm not really familiar with setting up node.js apps on heroku.

Ah it appears I wasn't specifying the right NODE_ENV. Still getting the same problem though.


SpenserJ commented Jan 5, 2013

I don't have access to a computer to check right now, but I experienced a similar issue when the websocket failed to connect, or disconnected prematurely. I'd suggest checking the network tab of any Web Inspector, and seeing what is happening with the socket, and what messages are being passed.

@SpenserJ Well, I just learned that apparently websockets don't work on heroku at all.

Currently trying to get it to use the long-polling....

Tried that, still seems to be trying to use the websocket on heroku. Locally, I can tell its using the long polling.

Thanks to fauntle on irc I was able to get this working! It was trying to add a port number to the url, causing the initial request to to fail. I specified no port in io.connect and its working now.


thedjpetersen commented Feb 20, 2013

Linode was gracious enough to let me use a instance to host a demo installation I went ahead and updated the readme to reflect this.

👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

This isn't working as of now.

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