Ability to force server / port / channel #152

brianV opened this Issue Aug 23, 2012 · 15 comments

First off, I love this client. It's fantastic.

However, for my use case, we have a website, and we are looking for a 'better' IRC client to connect to the IRC chat we use for the site chat.

Most other web-based chat clients handle this well by letting you set a server, port, and channel in the config. With this done, the user just needs to enter their name, and they get dropped into the site chat.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Subway is superior to the others by almost all metrics, it doesn't appear to allow this kind of usage.

Would you consider making it possible to streamline the interface for these 'simple' use cases that don't require registrations, logins etc.?




I'd be interested in such a use as well.




It looks like to accomplish need to do the following:

  • Add some parameters to the config.js file specifying the server and channel to connect to
  • You would then need to somehow trigger the connect event and then after you have connected the join event

I have played around with this but have not found an easy way to implement it.


I spent the day thinking about this and I probably closed it prematurely. I will reopen this in case someone else wants to take a whack at it.

@thedjpetersen thedjpetersen reopened this Sep 4, 2012

Would be great If someone could take a look at this, this is a really important feature for most IRC Network operators which are looking for a webchat I think…


I'm hoping to take a look into multi-network stuff soon and default server stuff would be useful, couple of config options I can think of being useful;

default_server: 'localhost:6667',
default_server_ssl: false,
default_server_channel: '#defaultchannel',
default_server_autoconnect: false, // don't force users into network i.e. just list it if false 
default_server_sole_network: false // disable users from connecting to other networks

Starting to work on this in the 030_dev branch. Just saw your config option recommendations...fairly similar to what I've got in there now.


I've just released a library that could facilitate this, konf. You could declare the current config.js as the defaults, then load a user-defined config.(js|json) file or environment variables on top. I'll put together a PR if wanted.


This is fixed when #296 is merged into master, I guess.

@hermansc hermansc added the Backend label Feb 18, 2014

For those still interested you can now set a list of default servers/channels in the server settings file that the client will connect to on startup


Would it go to reason that if a person set a list of default server/channels they wouldn't want to allow additional server/channels?


Yes, I think so. For example when using it to provide a webchat for a specific server/channel maybe.


IF default servers/channels are set THEN disallow adding other servers/channels doesn't work, because sometimes defaults are just that: defaults, which the user can then modify if needed. Whether or not the client allows adding or removing servers/channels should really be a separate configuration option.


I agree, I just wanted to note that there should be the ability to prevent the User from changing it.

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