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Tested in Chrome and Firefox. When joined to enough channels, I'm no longer able to scroll through channels that don't fit onto the page.


Probably could implement arrows to scroll up and down - the implementation of this needs to happen in ChannelListView

@thedjpetersen thedjpetersen reopened this Sep 18, 2012

i'm working on something like this now.


Hi, I'm recently working on the jQuery scrollbar pluin, perfect-scrollbar.

I think this plugin can be helpful for this issue.

If possible, I can look into this issue, but I'm a little bit busy nowadays.

Anyway, if there's someone interested in scrollbar plugin, please try that.

Thank you.



The solution to this is probably using the bootstraps up/down carets and having a backbone view control behavior.

eirikb commented Jan 18, 2013

I use this hack: eirikb@c26eee5
Not pretty, actually very ugly, but works.

@hermansc hermansc added the UI label Feb 18, 2014

This is still a problem.

After looking a bit at the issue, I think we should split the logo and "Subway", "IRC Client" into it's own element in the sidebar that could have a static position in the upper left corner, and then have the channel list(including network address and username) scrollable. When we have multiple networks per account it would also be nice to have the username and network address stay on the top(scroll the channels 'under' them) until the next network reaches the top.


I've been looking on the following implementation of a sidebar:

Works pretty good actually, the problem however is that I'm not able to create fixed elements inside the content area, at least not with my average CSS-skills. In fact we probably want two sidebars, one on each side: left one for channels and right ones for userlist. Then a responsive stylesheet that just hides/show them at given widths with a toggle-button as the site provided above has.

If anyone want to take a look at my code for upgrading to bootstrap 3 and in the same time enabling scrollable sidebar/content-view, please see my branch which is very much half-working and not done:

Try comparing the layout in my commit, with the current layout, by re-sizing the window etc. Hopefully, with the "new" layout, which uses the principle of the sidebar-example given above, should be more deterministic and fluid.


nwgat commented Apr 6, 2014

this needs to be on the priority list, a irc client without scrollable channel list is kinda fun
subway is realy nice, but i cannot use it because of no scroll bar on channels :O

@eirikb thx for the patch


Love the project, but w/o this working, it prevents me from migrating to Subway completely. Has there been any movement on this topic? I agree with @nwgat, this should be on the priority list.


Hi there,
I worked on this and just uploaded a pull request. Check please.


so this has been done in the refactored version please see the refactor branch

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