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Add option or provide workaround to bind subway to a specicif interface or IP Adress the server runs on


I am not quite sure what this issue is asking for. Do you want to specify the port for your instance of subway?


No more like the IP Adress. The Server I'm using it on has 4 Network adapters not all of the IP Adresses have Trustlines in the IRCNetworks I'm using, so I want to chose which adapter subway should take


I am not sure how I would implement this do you want to take a crack at it?


This is something that would need to be implemented in the IRC module first. Specifically by changing the net.createConnection parameters to accept an options object instead of port and host. I don't know of a way to implement it for TLS as well, otherwise I would write the patch myself.

You would also want to add localAddress support to (I don't see any documentation for it at least) and to the webserver (add an IP after the port in server.listen())


Closing this because the bulk of implementation lies in other modules. We can revisit this.

@ericbarch ericbarch closed this May 5, 2013
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