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Channel message text being mangled #197

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Edit: Sorry, this is a duplicate of #190. Closing.

I'm seeing weird mangling of incoming message strings on an IRC channel. These transformations don't happen at all for locally echoed text -- only when coming from another user. They seem to all involve the appearance of a colon in the message, which makes me think it's maybe some buggy emoticon handling, though I don't know whether such a thing actually exists in Subway.

Here are some strings, first as they should appear, and then as they appear in Subway:
Smile :) -> :Smile
Smile. :) -> :Smile.
Frown. :( -> :Frown.
Dunno. :$ -> :Dunno.
Smile. :) Then more text. -> :Smile.

The following all pass through correctly when sent by themselves, each on their own line: :), :(, :D, and :<

Also, I can verify that the bug is happening on the server, not on the client. Here's the server log when receiving the message Smile. :) Then more text.:

   debug - websocket writing 5:::{"name":"message","args":[{"from":"Pmreuattoin","to":"#scromp","text":":Smile."}]}
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