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Hi folks,
Great program, i love it and love extending it for our needs here. Keep up the great work!

Had a bug report from an end user in so far as subway does not work at all, rather strange in that he does not have javascript blocked and is using a mainstream browser. He is able to enter the chat server, his name etc, gets to the next screen (chat window) and then nada.

I had him send me his console log.

Chrome Version 24.0.1312.52

Unity support not available client.js:42
chat window created models.js:44
status set as active chat! collections.js:41
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'args' of undefined client.js:284
Failed to load resource

To make sure it was not one of our mods causing an issue, I used current git pull version to confirm same issue. (and also same problem on older versions from several months back too it seems)

Is this a known issue? I cant find reference to it. Sorry if this is a duplicate.


Sorry folks, false alarm. His corp firewall is doing DPI and this seems to be the issue. he just tired from the same machine via his 3g and it worked great.


I get this error too "Unity support not available" client.js 42.
I am on my home network. I also tried while tethered to my phone.

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