Crash due to unhandled error #69

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akavlie commented Feb 10, 2012

This happened today, in production:

   debug - websocket writing 5:::{"name":"motd","args":[{"motd":"- Message of the Day - \n- Welcome to in TX, USA!  Thanks to\n- Rackspace ( for sponsoring\n- this server!\n-  \n- ASIMOV, ISAAC [1920-1992].  One of the brightest stars of the\n- science fiction universe.  Author of \u001fI Robot\u001f, the\n- \u001fFoundation\u001f series (which \"grew like Topsy\"), \u001fPebble in the\u001f\n- \u001fSky\u001f and hundreds of works of science fact and science\n- fiction.\n-  \n- You're using freenode, a service of Peer-Directed Projects\n- Center Ltd (\n-  \n- By connecting to freenode you indicate that you have read\n- and agree to adhere to our policies and procedures as per\n- the website ( We would like to remind\n- you that unauthorized public logging of channels on the\n- network is prohibited. Public channel logging should only\n- take place where the channel owner(s) has requested this\n- and users of the channel are all made aware (if you are\n- publically logging your channel, you may wish to keep a\n- notice in topic and perhaps as a on-join message).\n-  \n- freenode runs an open proxy scanner. Your use of the network\n- indicates your acceptance of this policy. For details on\n- freenode network policy, please take a look at our policy\n- page ( Thank you for using\n- the network!\n-  \n- Don't forget to check out these other Peer-Directed Projects:\n- FOSSCON [] and fossevents \n- [], and soon we'll repeat last years \n- success with Picnics for Geeks across the globe, more info at \n- []\n-  \n- freenode is a service of Peer-Directed Projects Center Ltd,\n- a not for profit organisation registered in England and Wales.\n-  \n- If you support the work we do and wish to donate to the PDPC, \n- you may do so over at\n-  \n- Thank you for using freenode!\n-  \n- ***************************************************************\n- Please read\n- ***************************************************************\nEnd of /MOTD command.\n"}]}

9 Feb 18:32:07 - MODE:mattk sets mode: +i

Event notice sent

{ nick: 'NickServ',
  to: 'mattk',
  text: 'This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via \u0002/msg NickServ identify <password>\u0002.',
  message: undefined }

   debug - websocket writing 5:::{"name":"notice","args":[{"nick":"NickServ","to":"mattk","text":"This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via \u0002/msg NickServ identify <password>\u0002."}]}

9 Feb 18:32:07 - GOT NOTICE from "NickServ": "This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>."

   debug - websocket writing 5:::{"name":"getNick","args":[{"nick":"mattk"}]}

Starting IRC client; wiring up socket events.


        throw arguments[1]; // Unhandled 'error' event


Error: ENOTFOUND, Domain name not found
    at IOWatcher.callback (dns.js:74:15)

Error: Restarted too many times, bailing.
@akavlie akavlie was assigned Feb 10, 2012
akavlie commented Feb 13, 2012

Looked into this extensively, and can reproduce on Nodester but not locally. Now have a bug on the Nodester repo to see if anyone there can figure it out: nodester/nodester#304

The error is handled just fine when running locally.

@akavlie akavlie closed this Feb 13, 2012
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