Show something in the titlebar to indicate that something happened #87

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Feature Request

This could he helpful if you don't have the Subway tab active.
You would see the title change from "Subway" to "Subway [1]" after 1 thing has happened.
I believe you could use the same data (number) that shows on the channel "tabs"
when something happens in a channel your not looking at.

I'm not sure how you would handle multiple channels. One way you could do this is by
showing "Subway [2] [6] [1]" - in the order that you joined the channels. If the channels
are stored in an array, that should be easy.

I'm reading through the code now, so I may end up doing this :)


Cool. I did end up finding your code that implements it.

Just to follow up... it doesn't change the title for me on Chrome 17.0.963.56 in Ubuntu 11.10

That's why I originally didn't know about it...



I'm on Chrome 17, though on a Mac. May be a platform-specific bug, or maybe it's cropping up in specific circumstances.
Are you able to test a bit under Firefox, and try some different scenarios, so we can narrow down what's causing this?


Yeah, I'll look into it, maybe tonight.

I didn't totally understand the way you were checking for an inactive tab.
Looked like you have a timer go off every second on window.blur until the tab is active again (I think).


Yes, the idea is that even if the tab is focused, it should be treated as if it's inactive as soon as the user blurs the window (to use another app etc.) so that new message notifications would be seen/heard.


And the reason for the timer is that blur is fired even if the user clicks on browser chrome (like the location bar), and I wanted to avoid it firing on quick switches to things like that. It might make sense to extend it a bit.

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