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Support port value in the server address #90

jacobwgillespie opened this Issue · 3 comments

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It would be nice for Subway to support a custom port value as the server address (like

See c9d4852d271529ad9a981de9655ee84a92f1f34f for a very quick hacked example of what I did to allow for custom ports.


I had to hack it almost the same way trying to get it to talk to my bouncer. I ended up just adding some form fields to the login page for port and password, then passing those through to the irc module.

(course, connecting to my bouncer leads to more issues, like the fact not all the messages make it through on connect to webui, but those can be solved)

cwc commented

The current version now has a field for a custom port number.


Awesome - I'm closing the issue...

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