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irc ssl support #96

tjfontaine opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Allowing users to specify ssl for the irc connection. The current standard port is 6697, the former was 9999, freenode's use of 7000 and 7070 are merely their choice.

Something to keep in mind when working on this feature is which allows a client to specify an ssl certificate to be used for identifying them with the ircd and/or services. Having a mechanism that allows you to supply your own text based cert, or pass through the web browser cert would be ideal.

Looking briefly over the dns library it is likely that support for certificate usage will have to be done there as well, I will post an issue for it if there isn't already one.


see code attached to #97 does not handle certificates currently, I don't see a reason to work too hard on that until the settings are handled.

cwc commented

Current version supports SSL and custom ports but not client certificates; this still does not seem to be supported by the Node IRC module.

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