Propagate IRC Server Errors to Client window #98

mhemesath opened this Issue Mar 20, 2012 · 2 comments


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I tried sending a message to a user that wasn't online. The following error appeared in my logs, but not on in the app:

ERROR: { prefix: 'irc.local',
  server: 'irc.local',
  command: 'err_nosuchnick',
  rawCommand: '401',
  commandType: 'error',
  args: [ 'Mike', 'shek', 'No such nick/channel' ] }

I think that certain IRC errors such as this should be echoed back to the client window.

yuukari commented Apr 12, 2012

That's a good idea. Possibly either in the status tab or in a brand new tab like "system"


thedjpetersen commented May 9, 2014

Done in the refactor client. We send all client errors to status window for that server.

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