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Offline notification #99

mhemesath opened this Issue Mar 22, 2012 · 3 comments

3 participants


When subway is disconnected because the computer went to sleep or loss of internet, there is no notification in the application. This gives the impression that subway is broken and not sending updates when in reality its just disconnected.

  1. Go into room in subway
  2. shut computer lid or disconnect wifi
  3. View application

Expected: A notification that subway is offline/disconnected from server
Actual: No change in state of application. Subway appears to be connected, except no messages will ever come through.

akavlie commented Mar 24, 2012

Pushed a minimal solution to this. All it does it throw an alert box.

Much more could be done to improve the UI and handling of a disconnect, so I'll leave this open.

akavlie commented Mar 24, 2012

Some ideas for more elegant notification of a disconnect:

  • Show red Bootstrap alert within/above chat window (should remain in place even if user switches chat windows)
  • Fade out chat text
  • Attempt/offer to auto-reconnect; if user declines, return to connect dialog.

I went ahead and added the fade, by putting opacity on the main container. I like the idea of adding a reconnect button somewhere on the page.

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