Simple cron script to post RSS/ATOM items to Twister
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Feed2twister is a simple script to post items from RSS/ATOM feeds to Twister.

Note: If you upgrade an old installation where you don't have feed2twister.conf yet, use a copy of feed2twister.conf.examples and edit it so that it contains similar settings to those you had at



  • run git submodule update --init (to install a patched version of bitcoin-rpc (a twister-related unicode fix). If you don't have git(?) you can download the zip, and copy the bitcoinrpc directory into this directory (overwrite whatever you have ther now. probably an empty folder).

  • Copy feed2twister.conf.example to feed2twister.conf and edit it to taste.


Normally, you would run this as a cron task: /path/to/this/ [-c CONFIGFILE] [N]

if [optional] N is supplied, it's used as the maximum items to post (per feed). Default is (by presence order) max_new_items_per_feed from conf file or 0.

If there are more than N new items in a feed, "over quota" items get marked as if they were posted (this can be handy when you add a new feed with a long history).

Specifically, python 0 would make all feeds "catch up" without posting anything.

if [optional] CONFIGFILE is supplied, it is used as a custom config file, instead of the first file found in the following list: ./feed2twister.conf, ~/.config/feed2twister.conf, ~/.feed2twister.conf

User defined URL shortener

There is now an option to use your own URL shortener by defining use_shortener = user_shortener at feed2twister.conf.

If you're looking for ideas, the shortener I use is here.

Hidden configuration

Some more options are available:

  • do_not_include_link (boolean, default False): if True, feed2twister will NOT prepend the feed item title with the item link before posting it to twister.

  • skip_first_title_char (int, default None): if set, feed2twister will strip this amount of character from the begining of the feed item title. Usefull to skip your login from feed for example.