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Web-Based Multiplayer "Go Fish" Card Game

Click here to play โ€ข ืœื—ืฆื• ื›ืืŸ ื•ื›ืืŸ ืœื—ืคื™ืกื•ืช ื‘ืขื‘ืจื™ืช

Tip: if you find yourself alone there, feel free to "cheat" and play against yourself in another browser tab (or desktop against phone).


The card deck

  • The ranks (equivalents of Ace, King, etc.) are Industy, Royalty, Ministry, and Peasantry.

  • The suits (equivalents of spades, hearts, etc.) are Communications, Defense, Agriculture, and Finance.

The deck is based on the Swiss one, but you can easily remix this and define your own (upload card images to assets first, of course). Note that it's customary to have ~8 ranks.

How to Play

Players vs Spectators

  • When you choose a nickname and enter the game, you draw 4 cards from the pile and become a player.

  • If there are less than 4 cards in the pile, you get no cards and remain a spectator (you can chat and watch text reports about game moves).

  • Players who no longer hold cards (either by giving the last card to someone else, or by holding 3 cards and then pulling a rank [see below]), become spectators, but retain the ranks they've pulled.

  • Players who leave (by closing or reloading the web page) return all cards (including the ones in the ranks they've pulled) to the pile.

  • The game ends when there are less than 2 players: The scores are presented, and all players return their cards and ranks to the pile and become spectators. Those who want to play another game can simply reload the page and join again.


  • When a player gets all 4 suits of the same rank (this is called pulling a rank), the player is no longer holding those cards, but the rank is considered "owned" by that player.

  • The goal of the game is to pull as many ranks as possible.

  • As a tie breaker (e.g. if 2 players have pulled one rank each): the player holding any cards (there can only be one) gets a lower score.


  • Players take turns in a round-robin fashion.

  • If a player doesn't make a move within 2 minutes, that player's turn is skipped (otherwise, a player could paralyze the server by doing nothing).

  • A move is to ask a fellow player for a specific card (e.g. ask Jane for Ministry or Defense).

    • If the other player holds that card, the asker gets it, and gets another turn.
    • If not โ€” the asker has to go fish (draw a card from the pile, unless it's empty).
  • Once in a while, a player receiving a card (from another player or the pile) would pull a rank. This may lead to either or both players running out of cards and becoming spectators.

  • Eventually, more and more empty-handed players would become spectators, until there are less than 2 left, and the game is over.

game over screenshot

Play, remix, and be merry.