A minimalistic multilingual microblog. So simple, one can admin it without understanding Esperanto :)
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Ligiloj (links in Esperanto) is a minimalistic multilingual microblogging app. Possible uses can be:

  • An artist who has fans (and gets coverage by media) speaking several languages.
  • Coordination of a global event (e.g. "buy nothing day").
  • Even a personal micro blog (see demo), if you and your friends speak more than a single language (this is true for most non-English-speakers on the internet, BTW :p ).

Ligiloj tries to make it easier for admins to deal with items in languages they don't understand, so things are deliberately dumbed-down to the max:

  • "Posts" don't have bodies, only titles (similar to tweets).
  • Admins have a bookmarklet that copies the page title into a form they can manually edit [if needed] and post.

Language barriers can be fun

In order to equally share that special "surfing while foreigner" feeling English speakers are usually deprived of, the language of the user interface is Esperanto (It's OK. I don't understand it either ;) ). Fear not. There are icons, you can use online translation services, deal with it like most of the world does ;)

Guess what the small "+ligilon" does :)

RSS (or, look what we've done to his song. Duh)

There are RSS feeds at /rss[/<lnaguage code>]. You browser may not remember how to show this to you (et tu, Mozilla?), but there are many ways to integrate RSS server side, aggregate it on phones, and do all those federated and p2p things @AARONSW enabled us to do with information (not what we've ended up doing with it).


  • To install the lg_authority submodule: git submodule update --init
  • To install other dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • To create an initial cherrypy.config: ./makeconfig. (also creates the dumb but useful appdir.conf)
  • To initialize the db and load language deinitions: python models.py (say y at the prompt).


  • python server.py

Manage users:

Authentication is done via lg_authority. It can do a lot, but here's what it does "out of the box":

  • Go to /login and login as admin/admin (lame).
  • Change password (of course).
  • Create some other user. The password will be password (lamer) and admin can't change it - you have to login as that user for that (lameroo galore).

At the moment, the app ignores groups and allows all authenticated users to edit the db (the admin group is significant, though: lg_authority allows admin members to manage users).

Customizing the GUI

Out-of-the-box, Ligiloj comes with a responsive gui (so it can nicely fit into an iframe).

An easy way to give the gui a unique[-ish] look is to customize bootstrap.min.css (or simply use prefab bootstrap themes like I do). Note that there's no JS in the templates — the easiest way to be no-js friendly ;)

If you want to do things differently (yes JS, no bootstrap, etc.), the templates/ folder contains 3 easy-to-tweak mustache templates.