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UX Testing: Sample of responses

Interesting Quotes

  • "For my purposes, having a clear understanding of IE users was very helpful. I want to know this kind of information for my own analytics and it is well displayed." (gov employee)
  • "It's interesting in terms of finding what content is popular, but this feels most useful as an internal (gov) tool than public."
  • "Love the top 20. Nice clean breakdown of devices/browsers/operating systems."
  • "The layout (breaking it up into rectangles) is really easy to follow. I love that the agencies have been hyperlinked on the side. If it was possible, it'd be cool to have the "x people online right now" number to be update in real time."
  • "I know that Google Analytics provides more data than just this, which makes me curious about what other information exists."
  • "OH GOD it also switches from pages to domains! I didn't realize that at first. So you can't compare the first and second buttons, but you can compare the second and third buttons. A little jarring."
  • "clicking "about this site" really didn't tell me much about the purpose of this site."
  • "The number of charts are small enough that it is easy to understand and comprehend."
  • "it is clean and concise. My fave :)"
  • "I like that it's 'now' instead of 'live' -- now is much less ambiguous."
  • Task: Is the project open source? If so, where's the code?
    • "I may be biased because I work for the gov, but my first instinct was to look for a /developer page."
    • "Is "international public domain" the license of the code? says "public domain within the United States"? Is that different from "international"?"
  • A lot of people asked about the goals for this project.

Top 20 Page->Domain Issues

  • "With what is visible on first page and w/o scrolling the right side shows top 20 sites people are going to now. and these are descriptive and dont seem to be high level (e.g. - it's more specific like "where's my refund". but when you click on 7 days and 30 days - it seems to be all high-level top level websites and not specific pages so i am not sure if i am looking at the same data across time across the 3 tabs."
  • We need to add more description/definitions.
  • Time period requests: "live, week, month"; "now, 7 days, 30 days, year"; "day is fun, but unlikely to be really interesting unless I can search by a specific day, otherwise longer time periods are more interesting as being representative"; "month, week, day"; "week (for curent event related things) and year"; "I'd love to be able to choose specific past months"; "day, week, month, and all time"

Technology Section

  • "The % numbers for IE (web browsers) and Windows (OS) could be explained better (is % out of the whole population? or % out of the users who uses IE/Windows?)."

What is the data, really?

  • "ah -- i just got it -- this is analytics about which gov sites are most popular! I thought it was analytics on data sets published by the government which is why i was confused."
  • "82k people online now -- where? on your site? all .gov sites?"
  • "If this is for whole population, is the sample coming from the people online now? or from the last 90 days? etc."
  • "Could use a 1-2 sentence explanation at the top that explains what we're seeing."
  • "I thought the big number was people on this network." "I thought it was people on the internet in DC."

Gimme More

  • "would it be helpful to have the same slices/views of the data on the homepage isolated for each of the top 20 sites? So... FTC users tend to access the system btw x-y hours vs. the where's my refund folks are on desktops between the hours of a - b"
  • search!
  • "mobile app stuff - are there mobile apps?"
  • gender
  • "which keywords led people to these pages"
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