A simple GUI for the SDS011 sensor
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A simple GUI for the SDS011 sensor


You have to have installed the USB Serial CH340 driver: https://sparks.gogo.co.nz/ch340.html

Also you have to have python installed, for example with Anaconda: https://www.anaconda.com/download/

Running the GUI

Simply run the script with python main_feinstaub.py

The COM-Port will be asked first. The data is plotted in the window. You can start a measurement, that collects future data, with the rec-button. Also you can save the data that has been collected up to now with the save-button.

Running the script headless

This is to be used from the shell, for example on a Raspberry Pi via putty (not tested by me). By default, an instance fs of the class "Feinstaub" is generated and the function fs.start() is called. With this, the data acquisition starts immediately when the script is called. To call the script, use

python feinstaub_headless.py

To end the data acquisition, use the function fs.stop()

The data acquisition can be stated again with fs.start()

To free the serial connection, use the function fs.close()

All data is saved locally in the directory of the script.