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Simple Rcon class for php.
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Simple Rcon class for php.


Using Composer

This Rcon library may be installed by issuing the following command:

$ composer require thedudeguy/rcon

Not Using Composer

If not using Composer, just place the Rcon.php file in your project and include it in your PHP script:



For this script to work, rcon must be enabled on the server, by setting enable-rcon=true in the server's file. A password must also be set, and provided in the script.

$host = ''; // Server host name or IP
$port = 25575;                      // Port rcon is listening on
$password = 'server-rcon-password'; // rcon.password setting set in
$timeout = 3;                       // How long to timeout.

use Thedudeguy\Rcon;

$rcon = new Rcon($host, $port, $password, $timeout);

if ($rcon->connect())
  $rcon->sendCommand("say Hello World!");
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