Documentation as code, This prototype shows how build document can be generated for cloud services, initial release generates document for Microsoft Azure
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The Nocturnal One

This is just a proof of concept to generate build document using Microsoft Azure.


  1. python 2.7
  2. pip
  3. virtualenv


  1. virtualenv odit
  2. source odit/bin/active
  3. pip install odit

Generate a build document

  1. source odit/bin/activate
  2. cd odit
  3. Copy the config.yml & edit with azure credentials
  4. run odit

Post running the command you should see a .docx file created, this will contain the build details of your azure account


  1. Generates Build document
  2. All Resource Groups under a subscription
  3. All resource overview under a subscrition
  4. All Networks under a subscription
  5. All Virtual machines under a subscription


The idea behind this is to automate build documents as it becomes next to imposible to create one when agile process is followed sometimes.

Will this be extended

At the moment i have no idea, depends on need of users, if this proves to be a handy tool i may continue developing it and have other providers integrated in it.