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Greetings. I am theefunklord and I hail from the Land of Jawns and Tastykakes. I've been designing professionally since 2006, and finally decided to start putting together my own boilerplate for my web projects.

More words? Seriously?

In the past I've worked as a UX designer, and also a front-end developer, so at some point I combined all the skills and stopped worrying about the labels too much. They may matter to some, but the knowledge is all relative, and being well-rounded is the key to avoiding the leg sweep you weren't supposed to see coming from that jerk from Cobra Kai.

Confused now?

Me too. Anyway, eventually I'll add the rest of the info here with links to great resources, such as those from Brad Frost, Zurb, and the like. Until then you should just enjoy the ride while I put some more stuff together.

Update?? Update!!

It's been a few months since I've updated anything here, but that's because I've been spending quality time with Angular and Pjax. Also all of my private repos belonged to my previous employer, so there's not much left to see :( A few sites have been updated, and more are on the way though, so maybe I'll put a BarbaJS demo here for fun...