Python sans-io websocket implementation.
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noio_ws is a sans-io websocket implementation. This means that it does not do any network stuff. It provides a simple api to which you pass bytes, and in return are handed nicely formed websocket messages. noio_ws is built to provide a framework for writing both websocket clients and servers, with the full range of extensibility allowed by the websocket protocol (and more! It's a protocol, not a cop.)

Requires: Python 3.x +


pip install git+


Docs are currently slightly out of sync as the lib undergoes some api changes! Read 'em! There you'll find a guide to using noio_ws to write clients and servers as simple or complex as you'd like.


This lib is a work in progress, and the api is in flux whilst nice human usable solutions are poked and prodded in to formation.

Shoutout to ##lp, and the fine peeps of 8banana