EntityPlus is a mod that offers a true single player experience in the Quake III Arena videogame.
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EntityPlus is a mod that offers a true single player experience in the Quake III Arena videogame. The term "single player" here is used to describe an experience more akin to the single player games of Quake or Quake 2 than Quake 3's own single player bot matches. To facilitate this, EntityPlus implements a lot of features that are strictly aimed at single player gameplay.

News and information about new features will be reported to our Twitter feed as they are implemented. This offers a sneak peek into new features the next release of the mod will have.

Latest News

  • EntityPlus 1.1.7 has been released!
  • Quake 3 mapper Martinus has released his map "Shipyard 17". The package contains a version for Team Arena as well as a version for EntityPlus. The gameplay is an arena boss battle type of thing where you'll be facing increasingly difficult opponents.
  • A new EntityPlus map is available! It's actually one map in three flavors: Duckhunt, Duckhunt DOOM! and Duckhunt VR!
  • EntityPlus 1.1.6 has been released!
  • EntityPlus 1.1.5 has been released!
  • With Google Code's impending closure, all of the EntityPlus code and content has been migrated to GitHub.
  • A new map for EntityPlus has been released. It's called Survival and really brings something fresh to the table! Download it!
  • The latest EntityPlus release causes a problem in the Testing Procedures map which prevents players from continuing with the shooting range section. Download the new version of the map to fix this problem.
  • After exactly one whole year, a new EntityPlus update has been released! Version v1.1.4 contains a number of fixes and some new features. See the Wiki page for more information on this update.
  • Finally a new release of EntityPlus sees the light of day. The new release, version v1.1.3, is a relatively small update though, but it fixes some important issues, most notably the long standing invisible doors problem in deQer's "Carmack Fortress" map.
  • Another quick release brings the mod up to version 1.1.2. It fixes some important scoring related issues and adds a new feature: the "wait" key for info_waypoint entities, which forces bots to wait for certain amount of time (or indefinitely) at a waypoint.
  • Just released version 1.1.1 of the mod to fix a problem that occurs in deqer's "Carmack Fortress" map specifically. If you find yourself running into an invisible wall in a doorway right after defeating a bot then you'll need this update.

Visit the Twitter feed for more news.


If you're just going to play EntityPlus, you want to grab the files below:

If you're a level designer, you might be interested in the following downloads:

If you're a level designer who is using GtkRadiant 1.5, then you may want to download the EntityPlus entities.ent file (.def file for GtkRadiant 1.4/1.6 is included with the mod):


To view a complete list of features added to EntityPlus, download the manual. Additional information about each release can be found on the EntityPlus wiki page.

Example map

The release package of EntityPlus contains an example map which demonstrates a number of the features found in EntityPlus. It is based on an old classic map that everyone that played Quake 3 will instantly recognize. Don't get too comfy though, because this time you'll be fighting through piles of enemy guards to uncover a secret that you never knew was there and escape to safety. The map can be found in the single player menu.