Xamarin plugin to handle notifications (local and PUSH)
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Insane Notifications

Xamarin plugin to handle notifications with ease.

Get it on NuGet

Nuget packages are available on my nuget - https://www.nuget.org/profiles/thefex

To use with:

  1. Android GCM - Install-Package Insane.Notifications.Droid.GCM (for MvvmCross go with: Insane.Notifications.Droid.MvxGCM)
  2. iOS - Install-Package Insane.Notifications.iOS
  3. UWP - Install-Package Insane.Notifications.UWP
  4. Portable project - Install.Package Insane.Notifications



  • official, initial library release

Things TODO - "ROADMAP sorted by importance"

  1. Implement iOS Local Notifications
  2. Improve Android Local Notifications sample
  3. Write Local Notifications documentation.
  4. Add FCM support

Sample - PUSH Notifications - Azure Notification Hub Backend

As current version is mainly focused on PUSH Based of Azure Notification Hubs I have prepared C# ASP.Net WebAPI sample project - implementation of Azure Notification Hub usage / push send.

Sample API project is available here: https://github.com/thefex/Insane.Notifications/tree/master/Insane.Notifications/Samples/PUSH/Insane.PushSample/Insane.PushSample.Backend

Keep in mind to get project works you have to insert your "Azure Notification Hub" connection string + notification hub name in this file: https://github.com/thefex/Insane.Notifications/blob/master/Insane.Notifications/Samples/PUSH/Insane.PushSample/Insane.PushSample.Backend/Services/NotificationHubRegistrationServices.cs

This API is also deployed here: http://xamarinpushplugintests.azurewebsites.net/swagger/ui/index


Library documentation/presentation is available here: https://github.com/thefex/Insane.Notifications/blob/master/InsaneNotificationsPresentation.pdf


This library has been created thanks to help and support from InsaneLab.com (http://www.insanelab.com). Thanks for giving me time to work on this project - you guys rock :-)

Also, many thanks to Erlend Angelsen for some great ideas and insights.

Side notes

If you have observed any weird behaviour with this library - please, fill an issue. PR's are welcome as well.