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(aka Finn's Collection of Powerline Segments)

This is my collection of powerline segments. They are broken into categories (mostly by what program/protocol they track). Here is the complete list:

  • cjdns: stats relating to cjdns.

Note that these assume you have the cjdnsadmin library installed. If you don't, just cp /path/to/cjdns/contrib/python/cjdnsadmin/ to your path

  • peers shows the number of peers currently connected, separating auto-discovered local ETHInterface peers and other peers into separate parts.

Highlight groups: cjdns:peers, cjdns:localpeers.

  • nodes shows the total number of know nodes in the routing table.

Highlight groups: cjdns:nodes

  • web: stats from random websites.

Note: Most of these require the python requests module.

  • btc shows the current price of bitcoins on the exchange of your choice (currently only Bitstamp is supported).

Highlight group: btc

  • packages: Mostly because if I called it apt it would break imports. Maybe I'll extend it to yum or whatever some day...

  • AptUpgrades shows the number of packages that can be upgraded. It takes a little longer to run than I'd like, and doesn't change all that often, so it's threaded and runs every 5 minutes.

    Highlight group: packages:upgrades

  • mifi: I added this while on a long ride with an AT&T MiFi Liberate. It pulls the current status off of the device via the http api. Note that the URL to pull this (mostly the hostname) may need to be changed, and is defined at the top. Eventually I'd like to look into a more proper preferences solution, but that's what I've got right now. So far only the following can be rendered:

  • network: displays the name of the carrier.

Highlight group: mifi:network

  • connectionType: Displays the technology used to connect, such as LTE, HSPA, or EDGE.

Highlight group: mifi:connectionType

  • GPS: Displays the status of the GPS, ie. Off, searching, gotfix.

Highlight group: mifi:GPS


This assumes you have powerline installed

First, get the actual code:

pip install -U --user git+

then, add the segments to your theme. Edit ~/.config/powerline/themes/<extension>/<theme>.json and add the segments like this (this only does the cjdns.peers segment, add more as needed):

    "function": "miniatureOctoBatman.cjdns.peers"

Finally, define some colors. In ~/.config/powerline/colorschemes/<extension>/<theme>.json, define colors for the various segments. Each segment has the colorgroups used listed, here is an example for cjdns peers:

    "cjdns:peers": { "fg": "gray8", "bg": "gray1" },
    "cjdns:localpeers": { "fg": "gray8", "bg": "gray2" }