This project allows you to quickly test AR demos to see what works and what doesn't with or without a webcam.
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There is a lot of buzz around Augmented Reality in Flash and it looks like everywhere 
you turn another person is writing a tutorial about it. I decided to make a tool 
to prototype my Flash AR ideas. The FLAREmulator is a set of classes that encapsulate 
the setup of the FLARToolKit as well as offering a debug mode for you to test your 
markers with or without a webcam. Getting started with Flash Augmented Reality may 
seem daunting but this library is a great way to jump in and see immediate results 
without the fuss of setting up the FlarToolKit or Papervision.

Getting Started

1) Download the source code from GitHub

2) Link your project to the FLARToolKit.swc and Papervision.swc in the build/libs 

3) Create a new class and extend

4) Override protected function create3dObjects() and add you PV3d container 
to baseNode:

 * This default function is where 3d Objects should be added to PV3D's
 * scenes. 
protected function create3dObjects():void
	var plane:Plane = new Plane( new WireframeMaterial( 0xff0000 ), 80, 80 );
	plane.rotationX = 180;
	baseNode.addChild( plane );

5) Compile and begin testing!