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An OpenEMI Sandbox + Echo Nest API demo using Three.js

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OpenEMI Echo Nest Demo

This is a sample app using a php Echo Nest API client to create a 3D Carousel. It works with the Gorillaz sandbox, but with some tweaks it should work with others. Google Chrome only!

You'll need..

  • A local dev server running PHP+MySQL
  • PHP user will need write permissions on the packshots/ directory
  • An Echo Nest developer account
  • Echo Nest / OpenEMI Sandbox access
  • An Amazon Product Advertising API account

Set up

Clone this repo to your development server:

git clone

Update the submodules

git submodule init
git submodule update

Create a local MySQL database:

mysql -u {your_user} --password={your_password}

mysql > CREATE DATABASE emi_echonest;

mysql > exit;

Configure the app. Edit config/Config.php and provide:

  • Your Echo Nest API KEY
  • Your Echo Nest Sandbox Key. The app works with emi_gorillaz out of the box.
  • Your Echo Nest OAuth Consumer Key
  • Your Echo Nest OAuth Shared Secret

  • Your Amazon API KEY

  • Your Amazon OAuth Consumer Key
  • Your Amazon OAuth Shared Secret
  • Your Amazon Associate Tag (if you don't have one, any string will do)

  • Your local database details: database name (emi_echonest, if you used the one above), username and password.

Create the index

You will need to index the Echo Nest sandbox to the local database before use:

Browse to http://localhost/path/to/your/app/api.php?action=index

You may need to change your max_script_execution time in php.ini if the script times out while indexing.

Run the app

Launch Google Chrome and browse to http://localhost/path/to/your/app/

Customising for a different sandbox

If you want to try a different sandbox with this app, you'll have trouble getting packshots from amazon and itunes. Replace mentions of Gorillaz from lib/emi/echonest/EMISandboxApp.php with your chosen artist, or if using a mixed-artist sandbox, just remove the conditions that check the artist name.

Supporting libs kindly provided by:

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