Puppet modules and scripts to manage Foreman project infrastructure
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Foreman Infrastructure


This repo contains puppet modules that are used to manage infrastructure used by the Foreman project. These modules manage many different pieces of software, including Jenkins build slaves, package build machines, the Jenkins frontend, as well as an internal Foreman instance and puppetmaster.


For more information what's currently being worked on, see the Infrastructure Updates page in the Foreman wiki.

Jenkins Job Naming conventions

We're starting to implement some some job naming conventions.

Note Because centos.org is a shared environment all jobs are prefixed by foreman- to denote they're ours.

Name Convention Example 1 Example 2
Nightly Package Builder {git-repo}-{git-branch}-release foreman-develop-release hammer-cli-katello-master-release
CI pipeline {repository}-{environment}-pipeline foreman-nightly-pipeline plugins-nightly-pipeline
Pull Request testing {git-repo}-{optional-concern}-pr-test katello-pr-test foreman-packaging-rpm-pr-test