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4.2.0 (2018-10-04)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Support Ubuntu/bionic, remove Debian 7 & Fedora 25 #127 (mmoll)
  • make ddns-update-style adjustable #126 (zeromind)

Merged pull requests:


  • Correct listening on EL7 when using $interface


  • Make the OMAPI algorithm configurable
  • Drop EOL operating systems and add new ones to metadata.json


  • Fix listen on interfaces in EL7
  • Add validation for the DHCP range


  • Validate parameters using Puppet 4 types


  • Drop Puppet 3 support
  • Add $omapi, so OMAPI can be turned off
  • Add $bootp, so BOOTP can be turned off
  • Improve failover logic


  • Add $ddns_updates parameter to allow insecure DDNS updates.
  • Add $pxefilename parameter to dhcp::pool.
  • Add $raw_prepend and $raw_append parameters to dhcp::pool.
  • Fix classless static routes.


  • Add bootfiles parameter with hash of client architectures to boot loaders used for "filename", defaulting to "pxelinux.0" (#14920)
  • Add mtu parameter to main class and to dhcp::pool
  • Add Arch Linux support
  • Drop support for Ruby 1.8.7
  • Many improvements to tests


  • Fix metadata to show Puppet 4 compatibility
  • Remove hashes around pool names for Webmin compatibility


  • Fix domain-search syntax for multiple search domains (#70)
  • Update FreeBSD package name for ISC DHCP 4.3


  • Add dhcp::failover class to configure DHCP failover between servers
  • Add includes parameter to include other config files
  • Handle and ignore an empty omapi_key parameter
  • Add tests for dhcp::dhcp_class
  • Support Puppet 3.0 minimum
  • Support Fedora 21, remove Debian 6 (Squeeze)


  • Add pools, hosts parameters to dhcp to automatically create dhcp::pool and dhcp::host resources, usable from Hiera and Foreman
  • Add ddns_domainname and ddns_rev_domainname parameters to dhcp
  • Add ntpservers parameter to dhcp
  • Permit the dhcp::pool range parameter to be an array of ranges


  • Support configuration on FreeBSD
  • Add options parameter for arbitrary options
  • Add dhcp::class define to add new DHCP class definitions
  • Add pool_parameters param to dhcp::pool for allow statements etc.
  • Add authoritative parameter
  • Add search_domains parameter to dhcp::pool
  • Add omapi_name/omapi_key parameters


  • Add parameters to dhcp and dhcp:pool to configure static routes
  • Change theforeman-concat_native to puppetlabs-concat
  • Fix quoting of domain-name option
  • Test with future parser and Puppet 4


  • Add parameters, options parameters to dhcp::pool
  • Add default_lease_time, max_lease_time parameters to dhcp
  • Use longer ISC defaults for lease times
  • Minimising differences to puppetlabs/dhcp for eventual merger
  • Do not set domain-name option if dnsdomain parameter is empty
  • Strip pool config values before checking if they should be set
  • Removing unused code, tidyups, better test coverage, increased linting


  • Add nameservers parameter to dhcp::pool
  • Fix config output when empty pool range is passed


  • Add pxeserver parameter to dhcp::pool
  • Unsetting pxeserver/pxefilename disables PXE in a subnet
  • Add tests, fix lint and style issues


  • Change Debian package name to prevent reinstallation on each run
  • Fix puppet-lint issues

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