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# Query Foreman
# The foreman() parser takes a hash value with parameters to execute the query.
# To use foreman(), first create a hash. This sample hash will contain
# parameters to let us get a list of 'hosts' that match our search parameters.
# $f = { item => 'hosts',
# search => 'hostgroup=Grid',
# per_page => '20',
# foreman_url => 'https://foreman',
# foreman_user => 'my_api_foreman_user',
# foreman_pass => 'my_api_foreman_pass' }
# 'item' may be: environments, fact_values, hosts, hostgroups, puppetclasses, smart_proxies, subnets
# 'search' is your actual search query.
# 'per_page' specifies the maximum number of results you'd like to receive.
# This defaults to '20' which is consistent with what you'd get from
# Foreman if you didn't specify anything.
# 'foreman_url' is your actual foreman server address
# 'foreman_user' is the username of an account with API access
# 'foreman_pass' is the password of an account with API access
# 'filter_result' string or array with attribites to return
# if a string is given foreman() returns an array only with given attributes
# in case of an array is given foreman() returns an array of hashes selecting only
# attributes given in array
# in case of an given hash foreman() returns an array of hashes selecting only
# attribute keys given in hash renamed to values of given keys. This can be used
# to rename keys in result
# 'timeout' is the Foreman request timeout in seconds as an integer.
# This defaults to five seconds.
# Then, use a variable to capture its output:
# $hosts = foreman($f)
# Note: If you're using this in a template, you may be receiving an array of
# hashes. So you might need to use two loops to get the values you need.
# Happy Foreman API-ing!
require "yaml"
require "net/http"
require "net/https"
require "uri"
require "timeout"
module Puppet::Parser::Functions
newfunction(:foreman, :type => :rvalue) do |args|
# parse an args hash
raise Puppet::ParseError, "Foreman: Must supply a Hash to foreman(), not a #{args[0].class}" unless args[0].is_a? Hash
args_hash = args[0]
item = args_hash["item"]
search = args_hash["search"]
per_page = args_hash["per_page"] || "20"
use_tfmproxy = args_hash["use_tfmproxy"] || false
foreman_url = args_hash["foreman_url"] || "https://localhost" # defaults: all-in-one
foreman_user = args_hash["foreman_user"] || "admin" # has foreman/puppet
foreman_pass = args_hash["foreman_pass"] || "changeme" # on the same box
filter_result = args_hash['filter_result'] || false
timeout = (args_hash['timeout'] || 5).to_i
# extend this as required
searchable_items = %w{ environments fact_values hosts hostgroups puppetclasses smart_proxies subnets }
raise Puppet::ParseError, "Foreman: Invalid item to search on: #{item}, must be one of #{searchable_items.join(", ")}." unless searchable_items.include?(item)
raise Puppet::ParseError, "Foreman: Invalid filter_result: #{filter_result}, must be a String or an Array" unless filter_result.is_a? String or filter_result.is_a? Array or filter_result.is_a? Hash or filter_result == false
path = URI.escape("/api/#{item}?search=#{search}&per_page=#{per_page}")
req =
req['Content-Type'] = 'application/json'
req['Accept'] = 'application/json'
if use_tfmproxy
configfile = '/etc/foreman-proxy/settings.yml'
configfile = use_tfmproxy if use_tfmproxy.is_a? String
raise Puppet::ParseError, "File #{configfile} not found while use_tfmproxy is enabled" unless File.exists?(configfile)
tfmproxy = YAML.load(
uri = URI.parse(tfmproxy[:foreman_url])
http =, uri.port)
http.use_ssl = true
http.ca_file = tfmproxy[:foreman_ssl_ca]
http.cert =[:foreman_ssl_cert]))
http.key =[:foreman_ssl_key]), nil)
http.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_PEER
uri = URI.parse(foreman_url)
http =, uri.port)
req.basic_auth(foreman_user, foreman_pass)
http.use_ssl = true if uri.scheme == 'https'
http.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE if http.use_ssl?
results = Timeout::timeout(timeout) { PSON.parse http.request(req).body }
rescue Exception => e
raise Puppet::ParseError, "Failed to contact Foreman at #{foreman_url}: #{e}"
# Filter results
if filter_result != false and results.has_key?('results')
filtered_results =
if filter_result.is_a? String
# filter into an array
results['results'].each do |result|
if result.has_key?(filter_result)
filtered_results << result[filter_result]
elsif filter_result.is_a? Array
# filter into an array of hashes by given key
results['results'].each do |result|
resulthash =
result.each do |key,value|
if filter_result.include? key
resulthash[key] = result[key]
if resulthash != {}
filtered_results << resulthash
# filter into an array of hashes while rename keys
results['results'].each do |result|
resulthash =
result.each do |key,value|
if filter_result.include? key
resulthash[filter_result[key]] = result[key]
if resulthash != {}
filtered_results << resulthash
return filtered_results
# return unfiltered
return results