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This repo contains the source code for All of the site's content is written in Markdown. If you're not familiar with it, fear not; it's easy to learn and to become rapidly productive!

Everything you push into the gh-pages branch goes live immediately!



To test your changes locally use

# rake

to generate your site in the _site directory, or

# rake server

To start Jekyll server locally.

With Docker

docker run -it --rm -v `pwd`:/srv/jekyll:Z -p 4000:4000 jekyll/jekyll jekyll serve --watch

Navigate to http://localhost:4000


  1. Fork this repo to your account.
  2. Clone the fork.
  3. Run bundle install in the root of the freshly cloned repo. This will install Jekyll, the tool we use to build the site.
  4. Run bundle exec jekyll serve --watch and open your browser to http://localhost:4000.
  5. Make some changes, refresh your browser to preview them.
  6. Submit a pull request.

Contributing a blog post

  1. (following on from step 5 above)
  2. Run rake new_post['title of my post'] to generate a new empty blog post
  3. Edit _posts/
  4. Set the author correctly, and appropriate tags (see previous posts for examples)
  5. Add content, and preview as above.
  6. Submit PR

New release actions

For each new release we keep stable documentation tree for the record.

Foreman Core

  1. cp -r manuals/nightly manuals/X.Z
  2. cp -r _includes/manuals/nightly manuals/X.Z
  3. change version numbers in manuals/X.Z/*.md
  4. add version to
  5. Generate release notes using scripts/release_notes.rb
  6. Update installer options using scripts/installer/get_params

Foreman Plugins

  1. cp -r plugins/foreman_plugin/X.Y plugins/foreman_plugin/X.Z
  2. add "warning: old" to plugins/foreman_plugin/X.Y/
  3. update plugins/foreman_plugin/

Updating API Auto-Generated Docs by apipie

Follow instructions in the apidocs github repo.