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I work in research, and once in a while I need to give a talk or lecture. Normally I would use Apple's Keynote to show the presentation, but right now I have a Vista-based notebook. So my idea was to simply export the slides to a PDF using my Mac at home or create some slides with Beamer or Google Docs, and then show the presentation using my laptop and some ordinary PDF viewer.

After I tried that for the first time I instantly noticed something very useful is missing: The ability to have one screen that displays the content of the current slide, while the other one - the so called presenter screen - will show the presenter more content, e.g. notes, the next slide and a timer. Since I haven't found one Windows PDF viewer among the billions out there that supports this, PDF Presenter is here to fill this gap.

This is an import from the original, discontinued [Google Code project] (https://code.google.com/archive/p/pdf-presenter/).


The following features should preferably be supported in the long run:

  • configurable presenter screen
  • loading notes directly from the PDF
  • transition effects via OpenGL
  • multi-platform support (wxWidgets)
  • a nice GUI
  • small enough to fit with slides on a USB stick
  • if possible, scripted video support outside of PDF files

Related Projects

  • KeyJnote - A python based one screen presentation tool with pretty slide effects.
  • BOSS Presentation Tool - A GUI for KeyJnote, however not yet released.
  • Projector - Unreleased tool similar to KeyJnote.
  • Haga - An unreleased dual screen PDF presentation tool, apparently for X.
  • PDFBeamer - An unreleased dual screen PDF presentation tool, apparently for Mac OS X.
  • SplitShow - Mac OS X tool for splitview of PDF files with presenter notes.


Running pdf-presenter with main screen in the background