A script to import/export X3D to/from Unity
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This script is a handler for X3D, an open standard to represent 3D scenes/applications in an XML dialect. By simply dropping unityx3d.cs into your Unity assets, a new menu entry Assets/X3D should appear.

Simply select parts of the scene or everything with CTRL+A and click Assets/X3D/Export to X3D. Currently, there is an option to use the CommonSurfaceShader instead of the standard X3D material to enhance some of the material visuals.

Open issues

  • Material: The material mapping from the physically based standard shader in Unity 5 cannot be fully done with the currently available X3D nodes. The standard needs better material representation. Other material representations apart from the standard shader are currently ignored.

  • Environment: Currently, there is no working code to export environment maps or skydomes. Procedurally generated backgrounds are ignored.

  • Textures: Generated textures are ignored.

  • Camera: Camera placement is currently wrong due to coordinate system issues.

  • Shaders: Custom shaders are currently ignored. Need to find code to trigger GLSL conversion first, then need to find a way to map shader inputs (textures, shader constants etc.) from Unity to X3D and vice versa.

  • Mesh: Animated meshes with rigs aren't exported. HAnim would make sense here.

  • Import: The X3D importer is incomplete.