A Slider component for Ember based on the native html5 range input.
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A Slider component based on the native html5 range input.

The component itself takes on a number value between two bounds, that proceeds in discrete step values. So, for example, to indicate a percentage of saturation in an image, where the smallest change in saturation is 1%, you might specify your slider control like:

{{x-range-input min=0 max=100 step=1 value=saturationPercentage action=(action "updateSaturation")}}

In this example we would need to implement an updateSaturation action that sets the value of saturationPercentage. That might look something like this:

actions: {
  updateSaturation(value) {
    this.set('saturationPercentage', value);

The action sends two arguments with it. The first is the value and the second is the component itself as an optional argument.

Default Values

While min, max, and step can take on any numeric values, the default use-case is optimized for representing percentages stepped by 1%. There fore the proceeding example could have been written simply as:

{{x-range-input value=saturationPercentage action=(action "updateSaturation")}}

Classic "binding style" with the mut helper

{{x-range-input value=(mut saturationPercentage)}}


emberx-range-input is part of the "missing components of ember" collectively known as emberx:


ember install emberx-range-input

Running Tests

  • ember test
  • ember test --server

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