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;;; cus-load.el --- automatically extracted custom dependencies
;;; Code:
(put 'w3-menus 'custom-loads '(w3-cus w3-menu))
(put 'w3-java 'custom-loads '(w3-java))
(put 'w3-images 'custom-loads '(w3-cus w3-display))
(put 'w3-hooks 'custom-loads '(w3-cus))
(put 'w3-parsing 'custom-loads '(w3-cus))
(put 'w3-advanced 'custom-loads '(w3-cus))
(put 'ssl 'custom-loads '(ssl))
(put 'w3 'custom-loads '(w3-cus w3-java))
(put 'comm 'custom-loads '(ssl))
(put 'hypermedia 'custom-loads '(w3-cus))
(put 'faces 'custom-loads '(font))
(put 'w3-files 'custom-loads '(w3-cus))
(put 'w3-display 'custom-loads '(w3-cus w3-parse))
;; These are for handling :version. We need to have a minimum of
;; information so `customize-changed-options' could do its job.
;; For groups we set `custom-version', `group-documentation' and
;; `custom-tag' (which are shown in the customize buffer), so we
;; don't have to load the file containing the group.
;; `custom-versions-load-alist' is an alist that has as car a version
;; number and as elts the files that have variables or faces that
;; contain that version. These files should be loaded before showing
;; the customization buffer that `customize-changed-options'
;; generates.
;; This macro is used so we don't modify the information about
;; variables and groups if it's already set. (We don't know when
;; cus-load.el is going to be loaded and at that time some of the
;; files might be loaded and some others might not).
(defmacro custom-put-if-not (symbol propname value)
`(unless (get ,symbol ,propname)
(put ,symbol ,propname ,value)))
(defvar custom-versions-load-alist nil
"For internal use by custom.")
(provide 'cus-load)
;; Local Variables:
;; version-control: never
;; no-byte-compile: t
;; no-update-autoloads: t
;; End:
;;; cus-load.el ends here